Charlottetown Vindicator
Nominal Index for Vital Stats Book

The following "partial" index exists solely to assist people in determining whether or not the book contains references to "names of interest." It is not meant to be a finding aid for the book itself (the book contains a complete version of the index), nor is it intended to be a finding aid for those wishing to review either the original or microfilmed versions of the actual newspaper.

Please note that the following sample index contains neither page numbers nor references to name or spelling variations. Some names may appear more than once or under multiple spelling variations.

The spellings used are as they appear in the original articles. Married women, where both names are listed in the original records, are indexed by both their maiden and married names. Many names appear more than once - in some cases, there are multiple entries on the same individual: but, it is also indicative of the recurrence of common names (ie: more than one person with that name).

Finally, ALL personal names from the original articles have been indexed. The appearance of a name does not imply the existence of any vital statistics or other details on that individual - only that they have been named at some point. Examples include references to priests, doctors, coroners, public officials, etc. This was done because even indirect references to individuals can provide genealogists with supporting information or open new research avenues and sources.

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			Acorn, Jane
			Addy, Rev. J.S.
			Alchorn, Capt. George E.
			Allen, Rev. William
			Alleyne, John E.W.
			Alleyne, Mary Elizabeth
			Almon, Ella
			Almon, Hon. Mather B.
			Anderson, David
			Anderson, [Mrs.] James
			Anderson, James
			Anderson, Lucetta
			Arbing, John
			Arsenault, Dominick
			Ashcroft, Thomas, junior
			Ayres, John
			Ayres, Rebecca
			Babin, Captain Joseph
			Baker, Eliza Ann
			Baker, Emily J.
			Baker, Eunice
			Baker, James
			Baker, Stephen
			Baker, William B.
			Baley, Mrs.
			Barrie, Agnes
			Barrie, Charles
			Barrow, John
			Barry, Johanna
			Barry, Nicholas
			Bassett, Edward
			Bassett, Margaret
			Bateman, Eliza H.
			Beairsto, George
			Beaubien, Dr.
			Beaubien, Miss [Sister St. Mary]
			Beaubien, Rev. Mr.
			Beaubien, Rev. M. Jean
			Beer, Elizabeth Jane
			Beer, Hon. George
			Belcourt, Rev, G.A.
			Belhouse, Maria
			Bell, Catherine
			Bell, John
			Bell, Neil
			Bennett, Sergeant Thomas
			Bergen, Ellen
			Bergen, Patrick
			Bethune, David
			Bethune, Flora
			Betts, Alfred J.
			Betts, Mary Ann
			Binns, Chas. J.
			Binns, Eliza
			Binns, J.C.
			Binns, John C.
			Birnie, Hon. George
			Blackadar, Hugh W.
			Blake, John
			Blue, Euphemia
			Blue, John
			Bodwell, Rev. J.C.
			Boisner, Charles
			Boisner, Eliza Ann
			Boughton, Daniel
			Bourke, J.R.
			Bovyer, Robert
			Bovyer, William
			Bowlin, John
			Boyle, William
			Bradshaw, Sarah
			Brady, Rev. James
			Brady, Patrick
			Brakey, Mary
			Bramble, Ann
			Brecken, Arthur Frederick
			Brecken, Frederick de St. Croix
			Brecken, Hon. John
			Brecken, Margaret Matilda Jane
			Brehaut, Margaret
			Brehaut, William
			Bremner, J.S.
			Brenan, Anabella A.
			Brenan, Hon. D.
			Brenan, Helen
			Brenan, James Merandez
			Brenan, William
			Brewster, Rev. John
			Brian, William
			Brien, Henry
			Brodwell, Eliza
			Brown, Alexander
			Brown, Catherine Ellen
			Brown, Georgiana
			Brown, John
			Bryenton, Mrs. [Michael]
			Bryenton, Michael
			Buchanan, John
			Bulger, Daniel
			Bullock, Rev. William
			Bulpitt, James
			Bulpitt, Louisa
			Burke, Margaret
			Burton, Rev. Wm.
			Caffrey, Capt. C.W.
			Caffrey, Jane Elizabeth
			Cahill, Ellen
			Cahill, James
			Cahill, Philip
			Cairns, Thomas, senr.
			Calladan, Jane
			Cameron, Rev. Alex.
			Cameron, Ewen
			Cameron, Mary Ellen
			Campbell, Alexander
			Campbell, Caroline
			Campbell, Cassemere
			Campbell, Donald
			Campbell, Harriet
			Campbell, Hugh
			Campbell, James
			Carey, Mrs. A.E.
			Carey, Edward
			Carroll, Eliza
			Carroll, James
			Carroll, John
			Carroll, John Thomas
			Carroll, Michael
			Carroll, Sarah
			Cary, Mary
			Casely, Elizabeth
			Casely, Thomas
			Cass, Margaret
			Cass, William
			Chaisson, Capt. Dominique
			Chandler, Francis
			Chandler, James
			Chandler, Sarah Jane
			Chappel, Mrs.
			Chappel, Theophilus
			Chappell, William
			Clark, David
			Clark, Elizabeth
			Clark, Georgiana
			Clark, Maria
			Clark, Richard
			Clark, Susannah
			Clark, Theophilus
			Clarke, Eliza Ann
			Clarke, Stephen W.
			Clike, Maria
			Clike, Simon
			Cobb, Mary
			Cobb, Samuel
			Coffin, Caroline
			Coffin, James
			Coffin, James Roberts
			Coffin, Joseph
			Coffin, William
			Coles, Hon. George
			Coles, Georgiana
			Collings, Samuel
			Collins, Catherine
			Collins, John
			Collins, Margaret
			Condon, Mary Eliza
			Connick, Bridget
			Connick, P.
			Conway, Ann
			Conway, Edward
			Coombs, Alex. T.
			Corbin, Isaac Smith
			Corbin, John
			Crabb, Joseph
			Crane, Rev. Robert E.
			Crawford, Rev. Henry
			Crichton, Charlotte Elizabeth
			Crichton, David
			Crichton, William Headly
			Crosby, Ewen
			Crosby, William
			Crozier, William
			Currie, Daniel
			Dalgleish, Mary
			Dalgleish, Robert Bayne
			Dalton, Catherine
			Dalton, James
			Dalton, Johanna
			Dalton, John
			Dalton, Paul Augustine
			Dalton, Peter
			Dalton, Thomas
			Daly, John George
			Darrach, Malcolm, senr.
			Davies, Amelia
			Davies, Nathan
			Davis, Rev. J.
			Davy, Caroline E.
			Davy, George
			DeBlois, Alfred Ernest
			DeBlois, George W.
			Delaney, Michael
			de Langie, Emilia L.
			DeLangie, Rev. F.X.	
			Dempsey, Charles
			DesBrisay, Peter Stewart
			DesBrisay, Sarah Eliza
			DesBrisay, Thomas B.
			Dewar, Margaret
			Dewar, Robert
			Dillon, Alfred John
			Dillon, John
			Dingwell, Eliza
			Dingwell, John
			Dingwell, Joseph H.
			Dingwell, Mary Ann
			Dingwell, William
			Dinn, Ann
			Docherty, Donald
			Dogherty, Susanna
			Doirant, Joshua
			Doirant, Julia
			Doiron, Joachim
			Doiron, Mary
			Doucette, Joseph
			Doucette, Judith
			Douglas, George
			Douglas, George H.
			Douse, Caroline
			Douse, William
			Douse, Wm. E.
			Doyle, Ellen
			Doyle, James
			Doyle, Thomas
			Driscoll, Philip
			Duffy, John Thomas
			Duffy, Patrick
			Dunbar, Emily G.
			Duncan, [Mrs.] Rev. Thomas
			Duncan, Rev. Thomas
			Dunphy, Michael
			Eagan, John
			Eagan, Margaret M.
			Egan, John
			English, Capt.
			English, Jane
			Evan, John
			Fairbairn, Thomas
			Falconer, Rev. Alexander
			Farquharson, Henry
			Farquharson, Keturah
			Faught, Louisa Ann
			Faught, Richard
			Fellowes, Israel
			Ferguson, Barbara
			Ferguson, John
			Findley, Hugh
			Findley, Lucetta
			FitzGerald, Rev. David
			Fogarty, Ellen
			Foley, Edward
			Foley, Margaret
			Foley, Rev. Wm.
			Forrest, Amelia
			Forrest, Captain George
			Fowler, Lawrence
			Frame, Rev. W.R.
			Fraser, Daniel
			Fraser, Jane
			Fraser, Capt. Robert
			Frazer, Ida Alesina
			Frazer, James J.
			French, Jane
			French, John
			Gaffney, Annie
			Gaffney, John
			Gallant, Aman
			Gallant, Mary
			Gardiner, Hon. J.R.
			Gardiner, James A.
			Garish, Mary Ann
			Gaudet, Balzamia
			Gauvreau, Dr.
			Gay, Maria
			Geary, Very Rev. Dennis
			Gidley, Jessie Richard
			Gidley, Richard M.
			Gill, Mrs. Abraham
			Gillis, Agnes
			Gillis, Alexander
			Gillis, Angus
			Gillis, Catherine
			Gillis, Hugh
			Gillis, James
			Gillis, Neil
			Gillis, Peter
			Glover, Agnes
			Glover, Ann
			Glover, John William
			Glover, Robert
			Glover, William
			Grant, Alex.
			Grant, Daniel
			Grant, Emilia L.
			Grant, John
			Grant, Margaret
			Grant, Mary
			Grant, Walter C.
			Graves, Wm.
			Hacket, Miss [Mrs. Baley]
			Hacket, James
			Hagan, Charles
			Hall, Hester
			Handrahan, John
			Handrahan, Maggie
			Handrahan, Mary
			Handrahan, Thomas
			Hannan, Rev. Dr.
			Harding, Martha
			Harding, Wm. H.
			Harrington, Johanna
			Harrington, Patrick
			Harrington, Rebecca
			Harris, Capt.
			Harris, Anastasia
			Harris, George
			Harris, Sarah
			Harvie, Hannah
			Harvie, Henry A.
			Haszard, Amelia Jane
			Haszard, Charles
			Haszard, James D.
			Haszard, William
			Hatch, Elizabeth
			Hatch, John
			Hawkins, Louisa
			Hayden, Alex.
			Hayden, Amelia
			Hayes, Richard
			Heafy, James
			Heafy, John
			Heggs, Sergeant James
			Heggs, Mary Ann
			Henderson, Archibald
			Henderson, Eliza H.
			Henderson, Sophia Jane
			Henderson, Thomas
			Hennessy, Catherine
			Hennessy, Hugh
			Hennesy, Elizabeth
			Hennesy, Michael
			Hewit, John
			Hickey, Patrick
			Hickey, William
			Hoar, Capt.
			Hobbs, Arthur
			Hobbs, Eliza
			Hockin, Caroline Alice
			Hockin, D.
			Hodgson, Edward Jarvis
			Hodgson, Joseph W.
			Hodgson, Lydia E.
			Hodgson, Margaret Matilda Jane
			Hogan, Bridget
			Hogan, Patrick
			Hogan, Sarah
			Holl, Henry A.
			Holland, A.E.
			Holland, Ida Alesina
			Holman, Ada
			Holman, James L.
			Horton, Caroline E.
			Howat, Charles
			Howat, Henry
			Howat, Mary
			Howlett, Ellen
			Howlett, Michael
			Hughes, Annie L.
			Hughes, John
			Hyndman, Catherine Ellen
			Hyndman, Charles A.
			Jardine, William
			Jenkins, Rev. L.C.
			Johnston, Barbara Ann
			Johnston, David
			Johnstone, James
			Jones, Dr.
			Jones, Agnes
			Jones, Annie
			Jones, Elizabeth Jane
			Jones, Oliver
			Kaye, Dr.
			Keir, Barbara Ann
			Keir, Wm.
			Kelly, Ellen
			Kelly, Louis
			Kelly, Margaret
			Kelly, Michael W.
			Kelly, William P.
			Kennedy, Catherine
			Kennedy, John
			Kent, Nicholas
			Kilfoyle, Ellen
			Kirwin, Elizabeth
			Kirwin, Patrick
			Koughan, Catherine
			Koughan, Martin
			Koughan, Mary
			Koughan, Theresa
			Koughan, William
			Ladner, Eliza
			Ladner, William
			Lahey, John
			Lahey, William
			Laird, David
			Laird, Mrry Louisa
			Laird, Rev. R.
			Landragan, John
			Lane, Hon. A.
			Lane, Ambrose
			Lane, Philip
			Lannan, Andrew
			Lannan, Mary
			Lappin, Terence
			Large, Maria
			Large, Rebecca
			Large, Thomas
			Large, William
			Laughlan, Elizabeth
			Laughlan, Thomas
			Lawson, Cornelius
			Lawson, Margaret
			Lea, John
			Leahy, Ellen
			Leahy, John
			Lee, Hannah
			Lee, John
			Leitch, Archibald McMillan
			Leitch, John C.
			Leitch, Margaret A.D.
			Leonard, Bridget
			Leonard, George
			Leonard, William
			Lepage, Andrew
			Lepage, Elizabeth
			Levingston, Margaret
			Lewis, John
			Lewis, Margaret
			Lidstone, Edward
			Lidstone, Sarah
			Little, Cornelius
			Lobban, William Henry
			Lockhead, Rev. Andrew
			Long, Rev. J.
			Longmaid, Ada
			Longmaid, John
			Lord, John
			Loughran, Francis
			Loughran, John
			Loughran, Sarah
			Lowden, G.F.C.
			Lowe, Mary Jane
			Lowe, Walter
			Lutteral, Elizabeth
			Lutteral, Simon
			Lyle, Caroline
			Lyle, James
			Lyttleton, Hannah
			M'Ewen, Arthur
			M'Ewen, Thomas
			Macaulay, Maria
			MacFarlane, Neil
			McAleer, Jane
			McAleer, Owen
			McAree, Bernard
			McAree, Catherine
			McAree, John
			McAree, Mary
			McArthur, John
			McArthur, Lucy Ann
			McAulay, Alexander
			McAulay, Ann
			McCabe, James
			McCabe, John
			McCabe, Mary
			McCabe, Patrick
			McCallum, Edward Stephen
			McCallum, Miriam Louisa
			McCallum, Stephen
			McCarthy, Rev. Mr.
			McCarthy, Daniel
			McColliff, Isaac	
			McCormack, Elizabeth
			McCormack, Isabella
			McCormack, James
			McCurdy, Rev. John
			McDade, Margaret
			McDonald, Rev. Dr.
			McDonald, Very Rev. Dr.
			McDonald, Rev. A.
			McDonald, Alexander
			McDonald, Alexander Bane
			McDonald, Allan
			McDonald, Hon. Andrew A.
			McDonald, Angus
			McDonald, Rev. Angus
			McDonald, Ann
			McDonald, Clementina
			McDonald, Rev. D.
			McDonald, Very. Rev. D.
			McDonald, Daniel
			McDonald, Donald
			McDonald, Rev. Dugald
			McDonald, Eliza
			McDonald, Elizabeth
			McDonald, Rev. F.J.
			McDonald, Flora
			McDonald, Isabella
			McDonald, James
			McDonald, Very Rev. James
			McDonald, Jane
			McDonald, Jessie
			McDonald, John
			McDonald, Captain John
			McDonald, Lawrence
			McDonald, Margaret
			McDonald, Mary
			McDonald, Mary Elizabeth
			McDonald, Murdoch
			McDonald, Roderick
			McDonald, Ronald
			McDonald, Sophia
			McDonald, Unice
			McDougald, Archibald
			McDougall, Allan
			McDougall, Harriet
			McEachen, Mary
			McEachern, Angus
			McEachern, Ann
			McEachern, Hugh
			McEachern, John
			McEachern, Mary Ann
			McEachern, William
			McElwain, Mary
			McGiivray, Daniel
			McGiivray, Julia Ann
			McGinnis, Julia Ann
			McGowan, Eliza Lydia
			McGowan, John
			McGrath, Mrs. [Peter]
			McGrath, Peter
			McInally, David
			McInally, John
			McInnis, [Mrs.]
			McIntosh, William
			McIntyre, Angus, sen.
			McIntyre, Flora
			McIntyre, Very Rev. Peter	
			McIsaac, D.
			McIsaac, Dennis Gregory
			McIsaac, Dougald
			McIsaac, Hilary
			McIsaac, Sophia
			McKay, Anabella A.
			McKay, Catherine
			McKay, Elizabeth
			McKay, William
			McKenna, Margaret
			McKenzie, Alexander
			McKenzie, Flora
			McKenzie, Jane
			McKenzie, John
			McKenzie, Leo
			McKie, Eliza
			McKie, William
			McKillop, Alexander
			McKinnon, Angus B.
			McKinnon, Barbara
			McKinnon, Catherine
			McKinnon, Daniel
			McKinnon, Donald
			McKinnon, Donald R.
			McKinnon, Hugh
			McKinnon, John B.
			McKinnon, Lauchlan
			McKinnon, Margaret
			McKinnon, Mary
			McKinnon, Mary Ann
			McKoan, Patrick
			McLaren, Daniel
			McLaughlin, Hugh
			McLaughlin, John
			McLaughlin, Margaret
			McLean, Allan
			McLean, Barbara
			McLean, Elizabeth Sterns
			McLean, Hugh
			McLellan, Catherine
			McLellan, Donald
			McLellan, Donald G.
			McLellan, Matilda
			McLeod, Angus
			McLeod, Catherine
			McLeod, D.
			McLeod, Donald
			McLeod, James
			McLeod, Jane
			McLeod, John
			McLeod, John Edward
			McLeod, Maggie
			McLeod, Margaret
			McLeod, Roderick
			McLeod, Thomas
			McMillan, Angus
			McMillan, Archibald Leitch
			McMillan, Euphemia
			McMillan, Ewen
			McMillan, Sarah
			McMullin, Alexander
			McMullin, Theresa
			McMurdo, Rachel
			McNally, Peter
			McNeil, John
			McNeill, Archibald
			McNeill, Agnes
			McNeill, Catherine
			McNeill, Emilia L.
			McNeill, Jerome
			McNeill, John
			McNeill, Neil
			McNeill, Sarah
			McPhail, Paul
			McPhee, Archy
			McPhee, Catherine
			McPhee, John
			McPhee, Neil
			McPhee, Rev. Pius
			McPherson, Caroline
			McPherson, Peter
			McQuillan, Patrick
			Mabey, Paul
			Magher, William
			Maher, Ellen
			Mallet, Hubert
			Mallet, William
			Martin, Catherine
			Martin, Donald
			Martin, Edward H.
			Martin, Elizabeth Sterns
			Martin, Flora
			Martin, Lauchlin
			Martin, Samuel
			Mathews, James
			Matthews, Hannah
			Matthews, John
			Millar, Andrew
			Millner, George
			Mitchell, Nancy
			Molloy, Charles Augustus
			Moody, Edward T.
			Moody, Emily G.
			Morris, Eliza Lydia
			Morris, John
			Morris, Captain Thomas
			Morris, Rev. William
			Morrison, Douglas Winsloe
			Morrison, James S.
			Morrison, Patrick
			Morrow, Benjamin
			Morrow, Martha
			Morton, Rev. R.
			Mugford, Sarah Jane
			Mullally, James
			Mullally, Margaret M.
			Mullally, Mary
			Mullins, Edward	
			Mullins, Ellen	
			Murphy, John
			Murphy, Maggie
			Murphy, Mary
			Murphy, Patrick
			Murray, Archibald
			Murray, Rev. Isaac
			Murray, Margaret
			Muttart, Charles
			Muttart, Eliza
			Nesbit, Jane Elizabeth
			Nesbit, Robert
			Newberry, John Fenton
			Newberry, Lydia
			Newbury, Frances Fortunata
			Newbury, John Fenton
			O'Brien, Annie L.
			O'Gorman, Elizabeth
			O'Gorman, Peter
			O'Leary, Mrs.
			O'Reilly, Ellen
			O'Reilly, James J.
			Owen, Chas.
			Owen, Elizabeth
			Owen, Mrry Louisa
			Owen, Thomas
			Oxley, Jane
			Palmer, David
			Palmer, Margaret
			Paquet, Fidele
			Parnther, Rev. D.B.
			Patterson, Rev. James
			Perry, Avit
			Perry, Balzamia
			Perry, Joseph B.
			Perry, Rev. S.E.
			Peters, Eulalie
			Peters, Pacifique
			Peterson, Rev. James
			Pethick, William
			Phelan, Catherine
			Phelan, Johana
			Phelan, Rev. Thomas	
			Phelan, Walter
			Philips, Alfred
			Pinaud, Abram
			Pinaud, Eulalie
			Pinaud, Judith
			Pinaud, Louis
			Pollard, H.H.
			Pollard, Joseph
			Pope, Rev. H., junior
			Porrier, Fidele
			Pound, Maria
			Pound, Wm.
			Power, James
			Power, Mary
			Prowse, William
			Purdy, Elijah F.
			Quevillon, Rev. J.
			Quinlan, Dennis
			Quinlan, Ellen
			Quinn, Very Rev. James
			Rafferty, Ann
			Rafferty, James
			Ramsay, Mrs. [John]
			Ramsay, John
			Ramsay, Lucy Ann
			Rattery, James
			Rattery, Margaret
			Read, Archdeacon
			Ready, Mary Eliza
			Ready, Richard
			Reddin, Dennis
			Reddin, Mrs. James
			Reilly, Michael
			Reilly, Theresa
			Reynolds, Rev. M.
			Rice, James J.
			Rice, Sarah Barker
			Richards, James
			Richardson, D.J.
			Richardson, Eliza
			Richey, Rev. Dr.
			Robertson, Alexander
			Robertson, Elizabeth
			Rogers, Jonah
			Rogers, Keturah
			Roper, Thos. H.
			Ross, Donald
			Ross, Eliza
			Ryan, Matthew
			Ryan, Rev. W.
			Scott, George
			Scott, Georgina
			Sealey, Ann C.
			Sealey, W.
			Selig, Emma Caroline
			Selig, Marsden
			Semple, James
			Semple, Mrs. [James]
			Sencabaugh, John
			Sencabaugh, Louisa
			Sentener, Louisa
			Sharp, John
			Sharp, Susanna
			Shaw, Alexander C.
			Shaw, Colin
			Shaw, Donald
			Shaw, Rev. John
			Shaw, Lydia E.
			Shaw, Neil
			Sims, Charlotte
			Slogget, Annie Caroline
			Slogget, Helen
			Slogget, Richard
			Smallman, Eliza
			Smallman, Richard
			Smallman, Sarah
			Smallman, Thomas
			Smardon, William
			Smith, Adolphus D.
			Smith, Benjamin
			Smith, Charles Albert
			Smith, Christopher
			Smith, Deborah
			Smith, Elizabeth
			Smith, William
			Squarebridge, Daniel
			Stavert, Rachel
			Stavert, T.
			Steel, Christy Ann
			Steel, John
			Steele, Angus
			Steele, Mary
			Stephens, Patrick
			Stephens, Mrs. P[atrick]
			Stewart, Dr.
			Stewart, C.
			Stewart, Elizabeth A.
			Stewart, George
			Stewart, Rev. James
			Stewart, John
			Stewart, Joseph
			Stewart, Malcolm
			Stewart, Martha
			Stewart, Peter
			Sullivan, Corporal George Frederick
			Sullivan, John
			Sullivan, Thomas
			Sutherland, Charlotte Lydia
			Sutherland, Rev. George
			Sutherland, Mary Ellen
			Sutherland, William Gower
			Swabey, Elizabeth Catherine
			Swabey, Rev. H.B.	
			Swabey, Henry Charles Wilberforce
			Sweeney, Bishop
			Sweeney, James
			Sweeney, Kate
			Taylor, John
			Thomson, David
			Thornton, William Angus
			Travers, Boyle
			Travers, Kate
			Tremain, Thomas Hoggs
			Troy, Thomas
			Trudelle, Rev. Mr.
			Tuplin, Maria
			Tweedy, George
			Underhay, J.C.
			Usher, Rev. George
			Vaughen, Rev. H.L.
			Vickerson, Henry
			Walker, Ann
			Walker, David
			Walker, John
			Walker, Sarah
			Walsh, John
			Walsh, Mary
			Walsh, Michael
			Walsh, Peter
			Walsh, William
			Warburton, Mr.
			Warburton, Lt. Colonel Robert
			Warren, Eliza Ann
			Watson, Grant Harwood
			Watson, W.R.
			Watts, James
			Webster, Grace
			Webster, William
			Weeks, Robert
			Weldon, Mary Jane
			Whelan, Hon. Edward
			Whelan, Mary Anne Arkisson
			Whelan, Mary Major
			Wickham, James
			Wickham, Jane
			Wickwire, Ezra
			Williams, J.
			Willock, Mrs. C.M.
			Willock, John E.
			Willock, John H.
			Wilson, Eliza
			Wilson, Frances Fortunata
			Wilson, Hugh
			Wilson, Wm. H.
			Winsloe, Henry
			Wolf, General
			Wood, Eliza
			Wood, Elizabeth A.
			Worthy, Hester
			Worthy, L.C.
			Worthy, Lawrence C.
			Wright, Jane
			Wright, John C.
			Wright, Montague
			Wright, Nathan
			Wright, Mrs. Nathan
			Wright, Sarah
			Wright, Thomas
			Wynn, Bridget
			Wynn, Thomas
			Yeo, Annie
			Yeo, Caroline Alice
			Yeo, Hon. J.
			Yeo, Hon. James
			Yeo, Lawrence
			Young, Hon. Dr.
			Young, Ella
			Young, Hon. George R.
			Young, Isaac	
			Young, John Brooking