Prince Edward Island Contingent - Transvaal
Summerside Journal, 25 October 1899

On Tuesday, 12 October 1965, the Summerside Journal-Pioneer published a special issue celebrating their 100th anniversary. The following article, originally published in the Summerside Journal of 25 October 1899, was reprinted in this centennial issue, along with several other old articles, in a section titled "Interesting Items from Old Issues of the Journal".

This article has been transcribed from the 1965 centennial issue, and is presented here without any changes to the spelling or grammar.

The following is a list of the men who were selected and enrolled for the Transvaal on Saturday afternoon, 21st. of October, 1899; Hurdis L. MacLean, Jas. L. Walker, Artemas R. Dillon, James Matheson, Joseph O'Reilly, Hedley V. MacKinnon, John Boudreau, Herbert H. Brown, Ernest W. Bowness, Alfred Riggs, J. Edward Small, Lawrence Gaudet, Roland D. Taylor, Reginald Cox, Walter Lane, John Archd. Harris, Thomas Leslie MacBeth, Leroy Harris, Thomas Ambrose Rodd, Lorne Stewart, Fredk. B. McRae, Richard Joseph Foley, Nelson Brace, Michael J. McCarthy, Joshua T. Leslie, R. Ernest Lord, Frederick Waye, and Arthur J. B. Mellish.

The credit for the raising of the above volunteers was given to Major Weeks for he was the first to volunteer and was very enthusiastic in the matter, and a great favorite with the men.

The province of Prince Edward Island was asked to enlist 1,000 men for the Transvaal and to accept only those in the best physical condition and who are good marksman. Unmarried men were in greatest demand.

[Note: Two of the men listed above, Alfred Riggs and Roland Taylor, were PEI's only fatalities during the Anglo-Boer War, 1899-1902. Both men are commemorated on the Boer War Monument, Charlottetown. - DLM]