My Surname Interests

Here, in no particular order, are a few families that are of special interest to me:

Hickey - Prince Edward Island

Gaudet - Prince Edward Island

Rogers - Prince Edward Island & Nova Scotia

Gourlie - Prince Edward Island

MacDonald - Nova Scotia

Bonnell - Nova Scotia

Whitewood - Nova Scotia

Jack - Nova Scotia

It is not my policy to place large family files on the internet. The reasons for this can be found here.

However, I do have two family files available for viewing on-line at the Island Register:

Both of these files were originally posted in 1998 and still, as of 2012, remain in their original form. I am aware of errors in the files. I would encourage people with connections to these two families to view the files on the Island Register but to contact me directly with any questions, corrections, or additions. I can likely provide more up-to-date information on some of the people listed.

For those interested in contacting me about my research interests, I should pass on a couple of small warnings:

  1. Most of my research covers the approximate dates of 1800 to the present. It is rare that I have gone earlier than that on my own, simply because few records exist in the Maritimes prior to about 1780 or so. In some cases, I do have information on the ancestors of the above people but most of it has been obtained through other researchers rather than through my own efforts. I prefer to concentrate my efforts where they will be the most effective, and that tends to be where there is a greater number of original sources still extant.
  2. Although I am capable of receiving and viewing GEDCOMs, I only use genealogy software for limited storage of my own data, primarily just basic information for indexing and search functions.
  3. I am still behind in getting my information entered into a digital format. Most of my computer files are in the early to middle stages of development. Therefore, it is not possible for me to send anyone a file that is complete for any one surname. However, I am more than willing to exchange data on specific individuals or small family groupings - it may take me some time to get the data organized, though, so please be patient and bear with me.