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Listed below are the families that I am actively searching, and which make up the bulk of my research. Unless noted otherwise, I have not posted much information on them to the internet, nor do I plan to. This page, therefore, serves only to inform others about the families of interest and not the status of the research.

I have posted information on some affiliated and/or unrelated families to this website, which can be viewed here:

I also have a separate page listing my stumbling blocks, which can be found here:

Prince Edward Island

Hickey | Rogers | Gourlie | Gaudet

Indian River

The Descendants of Peter Hickey & Catherine MacLellan of Indian River, Lot 18: Peter emigrated from Ireland to North America, arriving in Prince Edward Island sometime prior to 1798, when he married Catherine MacLellan. She was the daughter of John MacLellan and Catherine MacPhee, who had emigrated from South Uist, Scotland, circa 1787. Peter and Catherine settled at Indian River, Lot 18, where Peter was a farmer. Of their children, most remained in or around the Lot 18 area but two of the sons relocated to West Point, Lot 8.


The Descendants of John Hickey & Margaret Larkins of Darnley, Lot 18: I am not descended from this family, nor am I aware of any relationship between them and the family of Peter Hickey of Catherine MacLellan. However, they are named in many of the same records, lived in close proximity to each other and, by virtue of those facts, have entered into my own research.


The Descendants of David Rogers of Carmarthenshire, Wales, and NS & PEI: This family consists of David, as well as six of his children, who emigrated from Wales between 1818 and 1839. Of the children, Joseph, Jonah, and Benjamin ended up in Prince Edward Island; David and Daniel Richard ended up in Nova Scotia (Cumberland County); and their widowed sister, Frances (Rogers) Reese, appears to have gone to New Brunswick before relocating in Cumberland County, NS.

Years ago I posted a Rogers family file to the Island Register website. It was based on the information I had at the time. Although out-of-date, incomplete, and possibly containing some errors, it should still give you a general idea about the family.

Rogers File - Island Register

The Descendants of James Gourlie & Helen Emma Layton of Summerside, PEI: James emigrated from Scotland to North America around 1835. He went first to Boston before relocating to the Chatham and then Richibucto areas of New Brunswick. Around 1847, he moved his family to Green's Shore, now Summerside, on Prince Edward Island where he established the first general store in that town.

Years ago I posted a Gourlie family file to the Island Register website. It was based on the information I had at the time. Although out-of-date, incomplete, and possibly containing some errors, it should still give you a general idea about the family.

Gourlie File - Island Register
Joseph Gaudet dit Chaculot & Marie-Blanche Bourg

Joseph was born circa 1740 in Tintamarre, near Beaubassin, Acadia (not far from present day Amherst, Nova Scotia). He was the son of Augustin Gaudet and Agnès Chiasson. Uprooted during the Grand Dérangement or expulsion of the Acadians, his family appears to have moved several times before finally settling in Prince Edward Island circa 1785. Joseph and his nephew, Pierre [see below], were the progenitors of the Gaudet surname on the Island following the deportations of 1755 - 1758. The majority of Joseph's descendants could be found in Tignish and Miscouche.

Pierre Gaudet & Henriette-Catherine Doiron

Pierre was the son of Paul Gaudet and Marie Bourg. Along with his uncle, Joseph dit Chaculot, he was a co-founder of the Gaudet lines on Prince Edward Island following the expulsion of the Acadians. Pierre's immediate descendants could be found mostly in Rustico and Tignish.

Nova Scotia

MacDonald | Whitewood | Jack | Bonnell


The Descendants of Daniel MacDonald & Mary Ann Jordan of Harrigan Cove, Halifax County: Daniel and Mary Ann, married in Sheet Harbour circa 1846, and lived in Harrigan Cove where he was a fisherman. I have a good handle on their descendants but need to learn about their ancestors. Daniel is most likely connected to some of the other MacDonald families in the area but I am not sure how. I would love to bring the MacDonald families together and confirm a common ancestor. As for Mary Ann Jordan, I am aware of some of the issues surrounding her heritage but would be content with discovering her parents, origins, and connections to other Jordan families in the area.


The Descendants of Charles Whitewood and Mary Marshall of Guysborough County: Originally from the area around St. Mary's, Indian Harbour, and Wine Harbour in Guysborough County, they are connected to my MacDonald ancestors. This couple had two sons, Charles and Robert, but there are likely other children - probably daughters - that I'm missing.


The Descendants of John Jack and Hannah (MacDonald) of Guysborough County: My ancestor, Christopher, went by the surname Jackson, as did some of his other relatives. But the family name was originally Jack and I'm certain Christopher's father, John, is somehow tied to the other Jack families of Guysborough County.


The Descendants of John Bonnell and Abigail Putnam of Colchester County: John originally hailed from South Carolina and Georgia. Fighting on the side of the British during the American War of Independence, he was forced to leave the fledgling United States along with thousands of other United Empire Loyalists. He settled in the Stewiacke area of Colchester County, Nova Scotia.

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