1890 Roman Catholic Census of PEI
St. Augustine's, Rustico

This information has been extracted from transcriptions that were originally completed by Mr. Lou Daley. A complete set of Mr. Daley's transcriptions can be found at the Public Archives and Record Office, Charlottetown. Portions of his transcripts covering the "Acadian Parishes", as well as the general index, may also be found in the Research Room of the Acadian Museum, Miscouche.

Originals of the census enumerations are apparently held by the Diocese of Charlottetown. Microfilmed copies may also be available, although my understanding is that the microfilms do not include the "Comments" portion of the census.

This census is unique in that it often recorded the maiden name of married women.

Groupings appear to have been made on a per-household basis, similar to the Federal census records. Two or more families, not necessarily related to each other, could be grouped together. Generally, only names and ages were shown. Relationships to the heads of households and other comments were not necessarily provided, although some priests did make additional notes. Each individual was assigned a reference number but these are not included here.

Spelling of names is the same as that used in the original transcripts. This is a partial transcription only, comprising families connected to my personal research. I have attempted to ensure the accuracy of my transcriptions. However, errors are possible and any errors are mine. Please refer to the originals for confirmation and clarification.

Name Age Comments
André Gaudet41Sailor
Mrs Catherine Gaudet29Nee MacDonald
Jean Jerome Gaudet15 
Emilien Gallant39Farmer
Mrs Philomene Gallant41Nee Thibodeau
Marie Gallant16Adopted
Mrs Moise Gallant69Mother, nee Gallant
Jeremie Gaudet45Day labourer
Mrs Appoline Gaudet42Nee Brown
Marie Gaudet19 
Marguerite Anne Gaudet16 
Joseph Gaudet12 
Henry Gaudet10 
André Jean Gaudet6 
George François Gaudet4 
Ignace Gaudet2 
Joseph Gaudet72Farmer
Mrs Edesse Gaudet72Nee Doucet
Epiphane Gaudet36 
Mrs Rachel Gaudet30Nee Gallant
Marguerite Anne Gaudet8 
George Henry Gaudet5 
Joseph Jacques Gaudet3 
Marie Alice Gaudet1 
Léonie Gaudet30Sister
Gerard Gaudet47Farmer
Mrs Annie Gaudet37Nee Coffin
Rudolph Pierre Gaudet17 
Philippe Henry Gaudet16 
Arthur William Gaudet13 
Zophia Leas Gaudet10 
John Andrew Gaudet7 
Pius Francis Gaudet5 
Levis Wilfred Gaudet2