St. Joseph's RC, Black Point, Restigouche Cty, NB
Baptism Records, 1867 - 1874

A few years ago, I noticed a large number of references to Hickey in northern New Brunswick, mostly through message boards and surname forums on various genealogy sites. Although fairly certain they were not connected to my Hickey family from Indian River, PEI, I decided to extract some baptism records anyway. After all, one never knows where connections might be found!! So, I transcribed about 7 or 8 years worth of Hickey records, and filed them for future comparison with names from my own Hickey database.

At this point, I am fairly certain that the names listed below are not connected to my Indian River or Darnley Hickey families. Nor are the two references to Rogers that I also included connected in any way to my own Rogers family. However, I will post them here for reference and hope that they might assist someone else.

Please note that I can not be of any further assistance on the people listed below. I have not transcribed any further records from this parish register.

Names are presented as written in the original records. I have attempted to ensure the accuracy of my transcriptions but errors are possible and any errors are mine. Please refer to the original records for confirmation.

D.O. Bap
Father Mother Godparents/
Hickey William 1867/07/20 Not Given William Hickey Bridget Toner Laurence Lapointe & Mary Davison
Hickey Thomas aged 6 months 1868/02/25 William Hickey Jane O'Brien Joseph Parent & Mary Lapoint
Hickey David aged 2 months 1868/03/25 Peter Hickey Mary Anne Toner Frederick Lapointe & Margaret Caissie
Hickey Francis 1869/03/15 1869/03/23 John Hickey Caroline Godin William ----- & ----- -----
Hickey Margaret Anne aged 4 months 1869/08/08 William Hickey Bridget Toner Patrick Doyle & Mary Anne Toner
Hickey Honora aged 2 months 1869/08/08 Peter Hickey Mary Anne Toner William Hickey & Mary Hickey
Hickey Joseph 1871/01/15 1871/03/19 William Hickey Bridget Toner Charles Hickey & Farcille Godin
Hickey Louis aged 3 months 1871/05/14 John Hickey Caroline Godin John Landry & Tharsille Goodin
Not Given Henry 1870/06/19 1871/05/15 Not Given Sarah Rogers John Landry & Eliza LaViolette
Hickey Alexander 1871/08/09 1871/09/03 Peter Hickey Mary Ann Toner Joseph Lapointe & Nancy Lapointe
Hickey Mary Jane 1872/06/04 1872/06/10 William Hickey Angela "Jane" O'Brien Joseph LeBlanc & Mary Hickey
Hickey Margaret Anne aged abt. 3 months 1873/08/28 John Hickey Caroline Godin Laurent Roussell & Philomene Godin
Hickey Joseph Charles 1873/06/05 1873/07/20 Charles Hickey Mary Anne Lapointe David Hickey & Margaret Lapointe
Hickey Bridget 1873/08/26 1873/08/31 William Hickey Bridget Toner John Lapointe & Caroline Godin
Hickey Johanna 4 of last ?? 1874/03/08 Peter Hickey Mary Ann Toner David Hickey & Margaret Lapointe
Hickey Mary Jane 1874/05/09 1874/06/21 Alexander Hickey Angelique Lapointe Margaret Lapointe
Martin James Not Given 1874/06/21 James Martin Sarah Rogers John Lapointe & Bridget Allan
Carver Margaret Ann 1874/04/02 1874/08/16 John Carver Margaret Hickey John Hickey & Caroline Godin
Hickey Edward Alexander 1874/09/28 1874/10/11 Charles Hickey Mary Ann Lapointe Charles Lapointe & Nancy Lapointe


Microfilm F-1580, Centre d'études acadiennes.