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The Centre d'études acadiennes Anselme-Chiasson is located in the Bibliothèque Champlain, Moncton Campus, Université de Moncton.

This list was originally created in 2001 and may no longer be current.

(some issues may be missing within these date ranges)
Microfilm Number Title Dates
F-1111 to F-1119 L'Impartial (French) 22 January 1893 to 1 June 1915
F-1045 L'Impartial Illustré (Bilingual) 19 July 1899
F-1324 to F1325 PEI Register 26 July 1823 to 17 August 1830
F-1326 Royal Gazette & Miscellany 29 July 1791 to 30 July 1794
F-1327 to F-1335 PEI Royal Gazette 3 January 1832 to 28 December 1853
F-1336 Palladium Charlottetown 7 September 1843 to 10 May 1845
F-1337 toF-1339 Colonial Herald Charlottetown 6 January 1838 to 27 July 1844
F- 1340 Vindicator Charlottetown 17 October 1862 to 5 October 1864
F-1341 to F-1342 Charlottetown Herald 12 October 1864 to 25 October 1871
French Colonial Records
Microfilm Number Title
F-1061 & F-1865 to F-1866 Margry, Pierre: ed. Documents regarding the history of Ile St-Jean and neighbouring areas under French Colonial rule, 1654-1761. Includes extracts from the Colonial Series, census extracts, and the register for Port-Lajoie, 1721-1758. (French)
Records of the Arch-diocese of Québec

The following letters may be written in French, English or Latin. The majority of them are in French. The mother tongue of the priest had no bearing on the language used: Bishop A. B. MacEachern corresponded in all three languages while Bishop B. D. MacDonald usually wrote in Latin. The replies from the Bishops of Québec were usually written in French. There are gaps in the records - you might find a letter from the Bishop in response to a letter he received from the priest, but not the original letter from the priest to the Bishop.

Microfilm Number Title
F-967 to F-974 Bishops' letters to priests and missionaries, 15 June 1788 to 1855 (not exclusive to PEI)
F-976 Bishops' letters to PEI priests and missionaries, 1772 to 1869
F-1045 Letters from PEI priests and missionaries to the Bishop of Québec.
Roman Catholic Biographical and Historical Information
Microfilm Number Title
F-1045 Chiasson, Mgr. Jean. c. 1942. Acadian Priests born on PEI or the Magdalen Islands from the Start of the 19th century to the Present Day. (French)
F-1045 Burke, Rev. Alfred E. 1885. Catholic Parishes in Prince Edward Island (ironically, the chapters on the Acadian parishes are all missing - ie, Miscouche, Rustico, Mont-Carmel, etc)
Catholic Parish Registers

The dates below indicate the dates for which the registers are available. However, certain types of records may not be available for all years. For instance, with regards to Bloomfield, the baptism records are available for the entire period but marriage records start in 1860 and sepulchres only start in 1871.

See Issue #37 (Spring/Summer 1995) of the Island Magazine for a complete transcript and description of the Roman Catholic Book (Listed below under F-2043, St. Andrew's).

To compare the RC register holdings of the CEA with those of PARO, you can cross-reference this list to The List of Church Records Available At PARO, as posted on The Island Register.

Microfilm Number Title Dates
F-2044 Alberton: Sacred Heart 1879 - 1900
F-2059 Bloomfield: St. Anthony's 1839 - 1899
F-2062 Brae: St. Mary's 1833 - 1900 (now called Immaculate Conception RC)
F-2058 Cardigan: St. Theresa's 1868 - 1900
F-2048 to F-2049 Charlottetown: St. Dunstan's 1830 - 1900
  Corran Ban See Tracadie
  Cascumpeque See Bloomfield
  Covehead See Tracadie
F-2060 East Point: St. Columba's 1836 - 1900
F-2052 Egmont Bay: St. Philippe & St. Jacque's 1821 - 1901 (marr. available to 1921 in book form)
F-2063 Grand River: St. Patrick's 1842 - 1878
F-2038 Hope River: St. Ann's 1881 - 1900
F-2047 Indian River: St. Mary's 1838 - 1900
F-2054 Kelly's Cross: St. Joseph 1851 - 1900
F-2058 Kinkora: St. Malachy's 1860 - 1900
F-2044 Little Pond: St. Francis de Sales 1865 - 1900
F-2059 Lot 11: St. Brigid's 1876 - 1900
F-2058 Lot 7: St. Mary's 1871 - 1900
  Lot 65: St. Ann's See Tyrone
  Malpeque See Miscouche
F-2061 & F-1045 Miscouche: St. John the Baptist 1817 - 1887 (marr. available to 1941 in book form)
F-1045 Mont Carmel: Notre-Dame 1820 - 1879 (marr. available to 1913 in book form)
F-2051 Montague: St. Mary's 1872 - 1900
F-2059 Morell: St. Lawrence 1881 - 1900
F-2041 Palmer Road: Immaculate Conception 1878 - 1899 (Also 1878 & 1890 RC Census)
F-1865 & F-1866 Port-Lajoie 1721 - 1758
F-2044 Rollo Bay: St. Alexis 1847 - 1900
F-2045 to F-2046 Rustico: St. Augustin's 1812 - 1900 (also F-1045 for 1812 to 1824)
F-2043 St. Andrew's 1835 - 1900 (& Roman Catholic Book, 1809-1810)
F-2040 St. Charles 1896 - 1901
F-2062 St. George's 1836 - 1900
F-2043 St. Margaret's 1881 - 1900
F-2039 St. Peter's 1849 - 1900
F-1059 St-Pierre-du-Nord 1725 - 1758
F-2055 Seven Mile Bay: St. Peter's 1846 - 1900
F-2042 Souris: St. Mary's 1864 - 1900
F-2051 Sturgeon Falls: St. Paul's 1867 - 1890
F-2040 Summerfield: St. James' 1890 - 1900
F-2055 Summerside: St. Paul's 1854 - 1900
F-2056 to F-2057 Tignish: St. Simon & St. Jude 1831 - 1900
F-2053 Tracadie: St. Bonaventure 1887 - 1900
F-2053 Tyrone: St. Ann's 1861 - 1900
F-2050 Vernon River: St. Joachim's 1838 - 1900
F-2051 Wellington: Immaculate Conception 1884 - 1900
Printed Copies of Registers
Microfilm Number Title Dates
N / A Bloomfield: St. Anthony's 1839 - 1868
N / A Egmont-Bay: St. Philippe & St. Jacque's 1821 - 1881, and marriages 1844 - 1921
N / A Miscouche: St. John the Baptist 1817 - 1887, and marriages 1833 - 1941
N / A Mont-Carmel: Notre Dame 1820 - 1879, and marriages 1844 - 1913
N / A Rustico: St. Augustin's 1812 - 1899
N / A Tignish: St. Simon & St. Jude 1831 - 1872
Census Records
Microfilm Number Title
F-1989 to F-1992 1881 PEI Census
F-2033 to F-2035 1891 PEI Census
F-2258 to F-2260 1901 PEI Census

Final Notes

There are other PEI records available that I have not listed and some PEI families may appear in holdings not necessarily specific to PEI alone. What I have attempted to do is highlight the resources typically used by most genealogists. However, a call or visit to the CEA may produce many more items of use to genealogists and historians alike. For example, the CEA does have the notes and manuscripts of the 19th century Acadian genealogist, Placide Gaudet, within their collection. Placide's notes are not specific to the Island, although he did gather information on many Island families, especially the Gaudets. As well, there are some PEI-related books available at the CEA, such as those written by Mr. J-Henri Blanchard, and parish histories for Miscouche and Mont-Carmel. There may be others. The CEA also maintains a photo collection, a folklore collection, and much, much more. There is too much, in fact, to attempt to list here. For more detailed listings of what is available through the CEA, or to determine whether or not they possess particular records, one should contact the Centre d'études acadiennes directly.

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