Slate of Officers

Prince Edward Island Highlanders

June 1943
The World War Two era cap badge of the Prince Edward Island Highlanders

The following document was among the papers included with my grandfather's military service records. He was an officer with the Prince Edward Island Highlanders during World War Two. The Slate of Officers of the Prince Edward Island Highlanders should be of interest to both genealogists and historians alike. It provides the full listing of officers, names and ranks, on strength with the unit as of June 1943. It also provides some insights into the activities and/or movements of some of the officers at that time.

These service records and the documents they contain are available under certain rules and conditions. One of these rules states that portions of the information contained within these records may be censored or deleted to protect the privacy of others. In paragraph (9) below, we see that the Archives staff deleted information with respect to the three enlisted men that were named. In all likelihood, it was their Regimental Numbers that were deleted, since these numbers can be used to trace other information on these men. Officers were not issued Regimental Numbers.

The photocopy in my possession is very faint and hard to read in spots. I have made my best attempt to copy it exactly, but mistakes are possible. Any errors are mine, and I apologize for them in advance. Notes in square brackets are mine and are not part of the original document.

Slate of Officers of the Prince Edward Island Highlanders, 1 June 1943


Saint John, N.B., 9 June 43

The Secretary,
Department of National Defence,
OTTAWA, Canada


P.E.I. Highlanders

According to Unit records the undermentioned Officers comprised the Slate as of 1 June 1943:

  • Lieut. Col. W. J. MacDonald E.D.
  • Major R. E. Howard
  • Major V. T. Travers
  • Major J. S. Desroches
  • Major J. S. Wright
  • Captain D. E. Lidstone
  • Captain A. J. McCabe
  • Captain A. F. Gormley
  • Captain R.A. McCabe
  • Captain J. I. Nicholson
  • Captain G. S. Storey
  • (a) Captain F. J. McNeill
  • Lieut. G. F. Adamson
  • Lieut. E. R. Burke
  • (a) Lieut. H. D. MacDonald
  • (a) Lieut. G. G. Ferguson
  • Lieut. R. J. Mahar
  • Lieut. G. L. Monkley
  • Lieut. J. A. MacDonald
  • Lieut. V. L. MacDonald
  • Lieut. R. D. McGillivray
  • Lieut. J. A. McIntosh
  • Lieut. J. W. MacKenzie
  • Lieut. J. B. Scully
  • P/2/Lieut. J. H. Arsenault
  • P/2/Lieut. E. B. Mann
  • P/2/Lieut. J. I. MacDonald
  • A/Capt. R. N. Sinclair Adjutant
  • Captain J. I. Hickey Quartermaster
  • Captain J. H. F. Adams Medical Officer
  • Captain W. A. Short Paymaster

(a) S. O. S. 1 June 1943 on proceeding to No. 1 Transit Camp

2. The Slate as submitted shows a total of 31 Officers. With three (3) struck off strength 1 June 43 the present strength is 28.

3. The appointment of Lieut. R. J. McNeill was approved under H. Q. 54-27-20-273 (Pers 1a2) dated 22 May. To date this Officer has not reported.

4. Captain J. I. Hickey is presently on command to Atlantic Command Headquarters. May advice be forwarded please as to whether this Officer is to be seconded.

5. If Captain J. I. Hickey is seconded and Lieut. R. J. McNeill reports, and with Lieut. G. F. Adamson being transferred to No. 6 District Depot vide H. Q. 332-82-157 (Pers 2A 7) dated 25 May 1943, there will be nine (9) vacancies, according to Establishment Cdn. 11/1940/12F/2.

6. In order to complete Establishment the Officer Command has made application for the undermentioned Reinforcement Officers:-

  • Lieut. E. F. Arab
  • Lieut. V. G. Hurst
  • Lieut. J. H. Matthew
  • Lieut. J. H. O'Hanley
  • Lieut. A. J. Street
  • Lieut. E. A. Wilson

7. It is understood the Officers named are presently at A 14 C.I.T.C. and designated as Reinforcements for the P.E.I. Highlanders.

8. M.F.M. 264 for each officer is attached hereto.

9. Under the provisions of H.Q.S. 20-545-1, 20-[illegible]6-1, F. D. 5 20-5-25-1, F.D. 1 (Pers 1) dated 18 July 42 the undermentioned personnel presently serving with the Unit are recommended for appointment in rank of P/2/Lieutenant:-

  • [deleted] Sgt. Meek, H. E.
  • [deleted] Sgt. MacLeod, F. E.
  • [deleted] CQMS MacKay, K. G.

10. M.Fs.M. 6, 131, 238 and 264 are attached for each candidate.

[Signed] illegible

for G. G. Anglin Brigadier
District Officer Commanding, M. D. 7

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