The 1878 Roman Catholic Census of Palmer Road Parish
Compiled and Indexed By Dan MacDonald
ISBN: (to be determined)

The church register for the Roman Catholic parish of St. Thomas, Palmer Road, PEI, contains a unique census document. Completed by the priest in late 1878 and early 1879, it provides us with a snapshot of the parishioners of what was then a brand new parish, having just broken off from the much larger congregation of St. Simon and St. Jude, Tignish.

Unlike the government enumerations we are used to researching, this census contained only the names of the individuals and their ages. No relationships or other details are provided, although it is obvious that families and/or households are grouped together. Despite the lack of details, it provides genealogists with important information about these families. It pre-dates the 1881 government census by at least two years, and is the only surviving enumeration of the Catholic families of that area since 1861. Thus, it serves to fill in some gaps in the extant government records.

I hope to expand on the Roman Catholic Census information by providing details such as birth dates for all individuals, marriage dates of couples, and the names of the parents of married couples.

Work on this book is currently on-hold. I have not set a date for publication, due to both the large amounts of research required and the fact that other commitments, both personal and professional, have taken priority. The price has not yet been established.

I will update this page as new information becomes available.