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Palladium Vital Statistics

Sep. 1843 to May 1845

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The following nominal index is intended to assist people in determining whether or not the book contains references to "names of interest." It is not meant to be a finding aid for the book itself (the book contains a more comprehensive version of the index). Names listed below may appear more than once and can refer to different individuals.

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Abrems, Eliza
Abrems, Wm.
Aitken, James
Aitken, Mary Ann
Alais, Louisa Ellen
Alais, William Wolfe
Alleyne, E.W.
Anderson, Alexander
Anderson, James
Anderson, Mary Ann
Ansor, Rev. Mr.
Archibald, Messrs.
Archibald, John

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Bagnall, J.E.S.
Bagnall, Susan
Baker, Cyrus
Baker, Jacob
Baker, John
Baker, Lewis
Barker, Henrietta
Barker, Robert
Barlow, Thomas
Barrow, [Mrs.] John
Barrow, John
Barry, Richard
Bartlett, Mary Isabella
Batt, Emily Jane
Batt, Samuel
Beaton, Alexander
Beaton, Flora
Beaton, Janet
Beaton, John
Beer, George
Beer, William Walter
Bell, Elizabeth
Bennett, Patrick
Bigger, Agnes
Binns, Charles
Binns, Hannah
Blackwood, Alexander
Blackwood, Andrew
Blackwood, Isabella
Blackwood, William
Blatch, Ann
Boggs, Helen
Boggs, James George
Borrow, William
Borthwick, John
Boulter, John
Boulter, Sarah
Bourke, J.R.
Bourke, Mary Maria
Boutier, Gabriel
Boyle, John
Brady, Rev. James
Brehaut, Maria
Brehaut, Thomas
Bridge, Rev. T.F.H.
Broad, Mr.
Broad, Thos.
Brown, Alexander
Brown, Ellen
Brown, Malcolm
Brown, Mary Ann
Brown, Mrs. Nicholas
Buchanan, George
Buchanan, Isabella
Bullpit, Hannah
Bullpit, James
Burke, Lieut.
Burke, James
Burke, Mary Ann
Burnet, Ann
Burnet, John

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Cahill, James
Cairns, James
Cairns, Mary
Callahan, Jane
Cambridge, Lemuel
Campbell, Donald
Campbell, Duncan D.
Campbell, Frances Sarah
Campbell, James
Campbell, Jane
Campbell, Margaret
Campbell, Neil
Campbell, Susan
Cantelo, Emily
Cantelo, James
Carden, Lieut.
Carr, Charles
Carr, Ellen
Carr, Mary
Carr, Ralph
Carroll, Margaret
Cass, William
Clark, Alice
Clark, George H.
Cochran, Thomas W.
Cody, Mary
Cody, Patrick
Coles, George
Coles, J.D.P.
Collings, Horatio
Compton, John Arthur
Compton, Thomas C.
Condin, Margaret
Conroy, Dr.
Conroy, Nicholas
Conroy, Thomas
Cooke, [Mrs.] Dr.
Costin, John
Crane, Mary
Creamer, Mrs.
Crosby, Elizabeth
Crosby, John
Crosby, John William
Crosby, Thos.
Crosby, William
Cunard, Messrs.
Cundall, Louisa
Cundall, R.W.
Curran, Right Hon. John Philpot
Curran, Sarah
Cutliffe, Susannah

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Dacon, Alice
Dacon, John
Darby, Benjamin
Darrach, Isabella
Darrach, John
Davis, David
Davis, Rebecca
Debloise, Stephen Wastile
Dechman, Agnes
Dechman, Grace
Dechman, James
Delaney, William C.
Desbrisay, Ellen
Desbrisay, Solomon
Desbrisay, Rev. Theophilus
Dickie, Ann
Dickie, Robert
Dickson, Lieut. Col. W.R.
Dixon, Daniel
Dixon, John
Dockendorff, Charlotte
Dockendorff, Christiana
Dockendorff, W.
Dockendorff, William
Dodd, Rebecca
Doherty, James
Douglas, Rev. Robert
Dowling, Patrick
Doyle, Christy
Draper, Capt.
Draper, Ann Constance
Dukes, John
Dunlap, James
Dunlop, Dorah
Dunlop, William

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Eales, Samuel
Eales, Capt. Samuel
Elliot, Agnes
Elliot, Rev. Charles
Elliot, Richard

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Fairclough, James
Fairclough, Mary
Fenton, John
Fisher, H.
Fleiger, Frances Sarah
Forbes, Catherine
Forbes, John
Forbes, Malcolm
Forgan, Susan Kemys
Forgan, William
Foster, Margaret
Foster, Thomas
Foyster, James
Fulker, Wm.

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Gaffney, John
Gaffney, Margaret
Gall, L.W.
Gall, Louisa
Geddie, Rev. John
Gill, Abraham
Gill, Mary Ann
Gill, Sarah Ann
Gordon, Jane
Grady, Elizabeth
Grady, John
Grady, Mary
Grant, Captain Duncan
Gray, Hannah
Gray, John
Green, Annie Eliza
Green, D.
Green, Rev. H.
Green, Harry C.
Green, Henry
Gremley, James
Gremley, Mary
Grub, Ann Constance
Grub, John

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Hacker, Emilina
Hacker, Thomas
Halliner, [Mrs.] Thomas
Hamilton, David
Hamilton, Harvey
Hamilton, Wells
Harker, George
Harker, Janet
Harney, Rev. James
Hart, Ann Elizabeth
Hart, Thomas
Haszard, Mrs. Charles
Haviland, T.H.
Hayden, B.
Hayden, Benjamin
Hayden, Gordon
Head, Dr. Charles
Heald, Mary
Heald, Rev. W.M.
Heard, Richard
Heard, Robert
Henderson, Hannah
Hensley, [Mrs.] Charles J.
Higgins, David
Higgins, Sarah
Higgins, Wm. James
Hill, Joseph
Hiscox, William
Hodgson, Daniel
Holland, Henrietta
Holland, John Fred.
Holmes, Samuel
Holroyd, Hannah
Holroyd, Joseph
Hopgood, Susan
Hopgood, Thomas
Houston, Janet
Houston, John
Howard, Edward
Howatt, Ann
Howatt, Isaac
Hughes, Bishop
Hughes, William
Hyde, Christiana
Hyde, William

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Irving, Elizabeth
Irving, James
Ives, Ann
Ives, Charles
Ives, Joseph

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James, Jeremiah
James, Mary
Jardine, Jane Murray
Jardine, John
Jarvis, Hon. Chief Justice
Jarvis, Mary Jane
Jay, Mary
Jenkins, Rev. Dr.
Jenkins, Catherine
Jenkins, James
Jenkins, Rev. L.C.
Jenkins, Penelope
Johnson, John
Johnston, Dr.
Johnston, Alexander
Johnston, Helen
Johnston, John
Jones, Henrietta Elizabeth
Jones, Thomas

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Kehoe, James
Kennedy, John
Kent, H.R.H. Duke of
Kerr, Eliza
Kerr, George
Kickham, Edward
Kickham, Joanna
Kier, Rev. John
Kneeborn, John
Kneeborn, Mary
Knox, Rev. Mr.
Knox, Rev. John
Kollman, George Augustus

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Lacey, William
Lamont, Ewen
Lamont, Sarah
Lane, Mrs.
Lardner, Edward
Large, Richard
Large, Sarah
Lea, Miss
Le Gal, Eugene
Le Gal, Mary Isabella
Leming, Mr.
Lennox, Lady George
Lennox, Lieut. George
Lennox, Lord George
Lewellin, Henry
Lewellin, Priscilla Harte
Little, John
Locke, Henry Beer
Locke, Susannah
Longworth, Henrietta Elizabeth
Longworth, Henry
Longworth, Mrs. Henry
Lowther, Hannah
Lowther, Matthew
Lucomb, Right Rev. Bishop

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M'Cluskey, Thomas
M'Cormack, Matilda
M'Cormack, Philip
M'Donald, Alexander
M'Donald, Angus
M'Donald, Catharine
M'Donald, Christiana
M'Donald, Christy
M'Donald, Deverie
M'Donald, Donald
M'Donald, Rev. Donald
M'Donald, Elizabeth
M'Donald, Flora
M'Donald, James
M'Donald, John
M'Donald, Rev. J.F.
M'Donald, Rev. John
M'Donald, Lochlan
M'Donald, Margaret
M'Donald, Mary
M'Donald, Matilda
M'Donald, Nancy
M'Donald, Ronald
M'Eachern, Bishop
M'Eachern, Emily
M'Eachern, Hector
M'Ewen, Elizabeth
M'Farlane, Margaret
M'Farlane, Nathan
M'Gilivray, Alexander
M'Gilvray, Joseph
M'Gilvray, Ronald F.
M'Gregor, Ann
M'Gregor, Annabella
M'Gregor, Ellen
M'Gregor, James
M'Innis, Alex
M'Intyre, Rev. Angus
M'Intyre, [Mrs.] Rev. Angus
M'Intyre, Hannah
M'Isaac, Catherine
M'Isaac, John
M'Isaac, Mary
M'Kay, Edward
M'Kay, Isabella
M'Kay, James
M'Kay, Penelope
M'Kendrick, Hugh
M'Kendrick, Penelope
M'Kenzie, John William
M'Kenzie, Kenneth
M'Kenzie, Susan
M'Kinnon, Messrs.
M'Kinnon, Allan
M'Kinnon, Donald
M'Kinnon, Elizabeth
M'Kinnon, Neil
M'Kinnon, Sarah
M'Laren, Jane Murray
M'Laren, Lawrence
M'Lean, Ann
M'Lean, Duncan
M'Learn, Robena
M'Lennan, Rev. Mr.
M'Leod, Janet
M'Leod, Malcolm
M'Neil, Catharine
M'Neil, Roderick
M'Neill, Alexander
M'Neill, Isabella
M'Neill, James
M'Neill, Mrs. John
M'Neill, Margaret
M'Neill, Mary Ann
M'Neill, Wm.
M'Phee, Isabella
M'Phee, Michael
M'Phee, Nancy
M'Pherson, Sarah
M'Quarrie, Mr.
M'Quarrie, Elizabeth
M'Quarry, Isabella
M'Quinn, Angus
M'Quinn, Margaret
M'Rea, Donald
MacCallum, Jane Caroline
MacCallum, Peter
Maccormack, Alexander
Maccormack, Catherine
Maccormack, Isidore
Maccormack, James
MacDonald, Donald
Macdonald, Rev. Donald
MacDonald, Euphemia
Macdonald, Rev. F.J.
MacDonald, Rev. John
Macdonald, Mrs. Joseph
Macdougall, Catherine
Macgowan, Jane Caroline
Macgowan, John
Macgregor, Rev. William
MacIsaac, Angus
MacIsaac, Euphemia
Mackenzie, Donald
Mackey, W.
Mackinley, Catherine
Mackinley, Dougald
Maclean, Angus
MacNutt, Peter S.
Macphee, Roderick
MacPherson, John
McAulay, Catherine
McAulay, Michael
McCarthy, Michael
McCullcoh, Dr.
McCulloch, Rev. Dr.
McDonald, Right Rev. Dr.
McDonald, Angus
McEwen, Joseph
McGregor, Donald
McGregor, Jane
McKinnon, Charles
McLean, Alex.
McLean, Flora
McNeill, John
McPhee, Rev. Pius
McRae, Donald

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Mabey, Mary
Marsh, Thomas
Marsters, Richard U.
Mason, James
Mason, Mary Maria
Matthewson, Ann
Matthewson, Donald
Mearns, Capt.
Mearns, Mary Ann
Melville, John
Melville, Marian
Miller, Annabella
Miller, John
Milner, Ann
Milner, James
Moore, Artemus
Moore, [Mrs. William]
Moore, Capt. John
Moore, William
Moran, Edward
Morrin, Dr. W.
Morris, John
Morrison, Honoria Maria
Morrison, John William
Mullin, Patrick
Murdoch, James
Murley, J.H.
Murley, Maria
Murphy, Ellen
Murphy, Patrick
Musgrave, Archdeacon
Mustard, James
Mustard, Jane

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Nash, Emily
Nash. Lewis Y.
NcLane, Alexander
Nelson, Edmund
Nelson, Frances
Nelson, Mrs. Wellington
Nicholson, Abigail
Nicholson, S.

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O'Neill, Anastatia
O'Neill, Arthur

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Ogilvie, Christiana
Oliphant, Jane
Oliphant, William
Orlebar, Mrs
Oxley, Marian

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Painter, Mary
Pallister, Elizabeth
Pallister, Thomas
Panter, Rev. F.D.
Parry, William
Patterson, Elizabeth
Patterson, Rev. Robert S.
Pendergast, John
Penpraese, Sarah
Perchard, Jane
Perchard, Richard
Perkins, Thomas
Peters, Mary Ann
Peters, Susan Elizabeth
Peters, Hon. T.A.
Peters, Hon. Thomas H.
Phelan, Anastatia
Pigeon, Edward
Piper, Samuel
Piper, Sarah Ann
Pool, Dr.
Pool, Mr.
Poole, Dr. Charles
Pope, Joseph
Power, Mary
Power, Pierce

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Rains, Mr.
Rains, Louisa Street
Read, Rev. J.H.
Read, Rev. J. Herbert
Reynolds, Rev. Mr.
Reynolds, Rev. M.
Reynolds, Rev. Malachi
Rice, Hon. Capt.
Rice, Ada Sophia Piers
Rice, Isabella
Rice, M.S.
Richards, Captain
Riley, John
Rix, John
Robbins, Peter
Roberson, Mrs. E.
Robertson, Ann
Robertson, Edward
Robertson, James
Robertson, Hannah
Robinson, Henry
Robinson, William
Roche, Catherine
Roche, James
Roche, Mary Maria
Roche, Rev. W.
Ross, Rev. Hugh
Ross, Rev. Malcolm
Ryan, Robert
Rybould, Thomas

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St. Clair, James
Scales, Isaac
Scott, Rev. B.
Selkirk, Lord
Sellers, John
Sellers, Mary
Sellers, Sarah
Senhouse, Sir Humphrey Le Fleming
Senhouse, Rev. James Lowther
Senhouse, William
Sentner, Maria
Shaw, Charlotte
Shaw, Rev. John
Silliker, Margaret
Silliker, Strang
Simpson, Flora
Simpson, George
Sims, Lemuel T.
Sims, Thomas
Sinclair, Rev. John C.
Skellon, John
Slee, Mrs.
Slee, Catherine
Smith, Alexander
Smith, Ann
Smith, Christopher
Smith, Hannah
Smith, Jane
Smith, John
Smyth, Captain George Brunswick
Smyth, Maj.-Gen. George Stracy
Smyth, John George
South, Rev. Mr.
Sponnagle, James
Squires, Ellen
Stanley, Dorah
Starr, Frederick R.
Starr, Mary Jane
Sterns, Franklin
Sterns, Mary Ann
Stevens, Agnes
Stevens, Francis
Stewart, Alexander
Stewart, Annie Eliza
Stewart, Barbara
Stewart, Donald
Stewart, Dugald
Stewart, Elizabeth
Stewart, Jane
Stewart, John
Stewart, Margaret
Stewart, William
Story, Francis
Strong, Rev. Mr.
Strong, Rev. J.B.
Strong, Rev. J.R.
Strong, John Bennet
Strong, Rev. John B.
Strong, Louisa Ellen

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Tamlyn, William
Tanton, George
Tanton, John
Thompson, James
Thomson, James
Thomson, Jane
Thomson, John
Thoreau, Major
Thresher, George
Thresher, Honoria Maria
Toole, Catherine
Toole, John
Townshend, Flora
Townshend, Hon. William
Tremere, Emilina
Tremere, John
Tynes, Captain
Tynes, Louisa Street

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Vincent, Alice

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Waddell, [Mrs.] Rev. James
Walker, Angus
Walsh, Gregory
Walsh, James
Walsh, John
Weatherby, Timothy
Webster, James
Webster, Mary
West, George
Weymouth, Mary
Whelan, E.
Whelan, Edward
Whelan, Mary
Wiggins, Rev. Dr.
Wiggins, Rev. A.V.G.
Wilson, David
Wilson, Frances
Wilson, Grace
Wilson, John
Wilson, Mark
Wilson, Thomas
Winton, Abigail
Witter, J.
Witter, Mary
Worrell, Hon. Charles
Wright, Catherine
Wright, Ethelinda
Wright, Francis
Wright, J.
Wright, Jane
Wright, Job
Wright, John Cambridge
Wright, Nathan

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Yerza, Charles
Young, Charles

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