REMINDER: Please support both your local genealogical and historical societies as well as those located within your area(s) of interest. Your membership allows them to continue to work towards the collection and preservation of genealogical, historical and cultural documents and other materials.

Data, data, and more data (summer 2012): I will start by saying that most of what's noted in the following section on Constraints still holds true. However, I have begun taking the opportunity to computerize some of my files. I'm doing this partly to organize and consolidate a huge mass of handwritten notes, emails and other documents that I've collected but never collated. I'm also doing it partly for my own sanity: it's frustrating to know that one possesses certain documents or information but can never seem to find them when needed. Obviously, this is an ongoing process and will take time, as time permits. I don't expect to consolidate everything in one go-to source - each piece of software has its own strengths and weaknesses. Further, my purpose, at the present, is to facilitate my own research and not necessarily its dissemination to others. Regardless, it's becoming slightly easier to find stuff.

Constraints (ongoing): I apologize to those who may have contacted me requesting genealogical information. During the past several years my free time has become extremely limited. I continue to work on my photography business as well as other professional and personal matters. Because of these constraints, I have had to limit professional research, defer my planned vital statistics compilations, and postpone other genealogical work. My personal research is also a low priority at the moment. Further, because most of my personal research is still not computerized, I'm unable to answer all but the simplest of requests for information - I just don't have the time to search my files and compose a proper and detailed response to queries. I regret this, but it's a fact of life at the present: I'm sure that most of you will agree that work and family are, of course, and always should be, the main priorities. I can see why genealogy is usually a hobby for the retired, when free time for personal pursuits is much easier to come by.

I don't say this to discourage you from contacting me. However, should my response be delayed, you'll know why. And, hopefully, you'll understand.