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An image of a small waterfall flowing over moss-covered rocks, taken near Dickson Falls, Fundy National Park, Alma, New Brunswick.
A collage of three photos, with the main one showing the S.S. Caribou, the other two showing scenes following the rescue of Caribou passengers, all overlaid with an image of the Prince Edward Island Highlanders cap badge.

PEI Highlanders on the S.S. Caribou

I've made some updates to the page on the Prince Edward Island Highlanders who were lost in the sinking of the S.S. Caribou in October 1942. For now, the updates include a few more photos and links to additional information about the six enlisted men who died.

I may continue to update this page over the next few weeks but probably won't post any new notices highlighting the changes. So, if you are interested in this topic, please check back regularly.

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The top of a page from the 1871 Canadian Census for the district of Marie Joseph, Guysborough County, Nova Scotia.

Census Compilations

Like many genealogists, I am constantly searching census data for information about my families. Originally, I would simply look it up online. Later, I began downloading individual census images so I would have a local copy to refer to instead of having to go online every time I wanted to check something. This helped a little, but it meant I still had to go online to look up nearby families. It also caused problems when I named the files, since I sometimes had two or three different families, and surnames, listed on the same page.

Eventually, I solved the problem (I hope) by downloading entire census sub-districts rather than just the individual pages. Thus, I would have all the pages for Port Bickerton, for example, instead of just a few of them. Of course, this still meant opening several individual pages in order to find the people I was interested in, and this quickly got confusing and clogged up my screen. So, I decided to group entire sub-districts into a single PDF file. That way, if I wanted to search Port Bickerton, I could have the entire sub-district available to me in just one file. This is much easier to deal with and far more convenient when I'm working with several families from the same area.

The PDF files are created using the original census images available through Library & Archives Canada, and can be viewed at the same size as they appear online. I have not made any alterations to them. Since these files are so helpful to me, I thought they might be helpful to others as well. I'm making them available free-of-charge, although a thank-you note would be appreciated if they come in handy for you.

I've posted a few files for now and will add more as they become available.

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A partial screenshot of the previous iteration of this website

New Look

After many moons of procrastinations, delays, further delays, and a lot more procrastinations, I've finally updated the design of the website. The new version is modern and, more importantly, responsive so it should work better on all devices.

Not all of the pages from the previous incarnation have been transferred over to the new version of the site. I've decided to remove a few non-genealogical items as well as one of the genealogy/history pages.

I admit that I haven't spent a lot of time updating the content over the past several years, and that hasn't changed. I've put in the cosmetic work but haven't added any new material. I am hoping to provide some new resources shortly (but you should take that with a grain of salt).

I have, however, updated the Links page, removing a couple of dead links and adding a few new ones. All of the listed sites should be available using the most current version of their address.

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