Mystery Painting

Please help me to identify the artist

I'm trying to identify the artist and history behind the following painting:

Mystery Painting

It is an oil painting on masonite, approximately 27.5 inches square. It is in desperate need of professional cleaning and also needs some minor repairs.

The scene shows a woman accompanied by a World War Two era RCAF Flight Sergeant. They are walking along the lower end of Granville Street, in Summerside, PEI. The painting has the viewer looking east towards the backyards of houses situated along the south side of Hanover Street.

The artist did not sign his or her name. However, the letters "LMcL" were scratched into the dried paint in the bottom left-hand corner.

My grandfather gave me this painting during the late 1990s. He had found it in his garage while doing some housecleaning - it was sitting either on top of or behind his woodpile! He did not recall exactly how or when he came into possession of it but believed he had likely owned it since the war.

There is an immediate family connection to the painting, as the scene shows the back end of the house my grandfather's family lived in on Hanover Street. The one with the three windows on the second storey, surrounded by yellow trim, belonged to his parents. The three windows are part of a sunroom that was built for my great-uncle, who spent two years bed-ridden from spinal tuberculosis.

If any readers are familiar with the artist or the painting style, please let me know. I would love to know the name of the artist.