1890 Roman Catholic Census of PEI
St. Jean-Baptiste, Miscouche

This information has been extracted from transcriptions that were originally completed by Mr. Lou Daley. A complete set of Mr. Daley's transcriptions can be found at the Public Archives and Record Office, Charlottetown. Portions of his transcripts covering the "Acadian Parishes", as well as the general index, may also be found in the Research Room of the Acadian Museum, Miscouche.

Originals of the census enumerations are apparently held by the Diocese of Charlottetown. Microfilmed copies may also be available, although my understanding is that the microfilms do not include the "Comments" portion of the census.

Groupings appear to have been made on a per-household basis, similar to the Federal census records. Two or more families, not necessarily related to each other, could be grouped together. Generally, only names and ages were shown. Relationships to the heads of households and other comments were not necessarily provided, although some priests did make additional notes. Each individual was assigned a reference number but these are not included here.

Spelling of names is the same as that used in the original transcripts.

This is a partial transcription only, comprising families connected to my personal research. I have attempted to ensure the accuracy of my transcriptions. However, errors are possible and any errors are mine. Please refer to the originals for confirmation and clarification.

Name Age Comments
Thomas Laughlin28Farmer, industrious
Mrs. Mary Laughlin25Nee Hammil
M. A. Patricia Laughlin1 
Fidèle (Moise) Gaudet24Labourer, poor
Mrs. Marie R. Gaudet19Nee Gaudet
Hubert Gaudet69Farmer, prosperous
Mrs. Sophie Gaudet69Nee Gallant
Mark Gaudet19Clerk
Mrs Margaret Gaudet22 
Joseph Arthur Gaudet4 months 
Germain Gaudet81Farmer
Mrs Edesse Gaudet75Nee Arsenault
Melanie Gaudet43Deformed
Gélas Gaudet42Widower
Benoit Gaudet13 
Arsene Gaudet12 
Marie Catherine Gaudet9 
Adam Gaudet3 
Joseph (Etienne) Gaudet56Farmer, industrious
Mrs Julienne Gaudet46Nee Arsenault
Robert Gaudet26 
Marie Gaudet22 
Alma Gaudet17 
Clovis Gaudet15 
Angeline Gaudet13 
Emencutienne Gaudet11 
Rosaline Gaudet9 
Evalina Gaudet7 
Léonie Gaudet5 
Calisse Gaudet60Farmer, farm heavily mortgaged
Mrs Marie Gaudet59Nee Poirier
Catherine Gaudet15 
Etienne Gaudet13 
Odille Gaudet11 
Emile Gaudet7 
Appoline Gaudet48Sister to Calisse
Agnès Gaudet62Sister to Calisse
Pierre DesRoches58Farmer, not prosperous because of sickness
Mrs Rosalie DesRoches57Nee Gaudet
Madeleine DesRoches25 
Prospere DesRoches23 
Sylvie DesRoches21 
Louis DesRoches19 
Celene DesRoches17 
Etienne DesRoches14 
Ansene DesRoches11 
Alice DesRoches9 
Jean DesRoches52Farmer, prosperous
Mrs Genevieve DesRoches49Nee Gaudet
Julie DesRoches23 
Joseph DesRoches20 
Prospère DesRoches18 
Marianne DesRoches16 
Jean DesRoches14 
Ferdinand DesRoches10 
Marie Josephine DesRoches8 
John DesRoches90 
Mrs Barbe DesRoches88Nee Poirier
Sylvain DesRoches62Labourer & constable, poor
Mrs Madeleine DesRoches60Nee Gaudet
Joseph DesRoches30 
Ursule DesRoches23 
Napoleon DesRoches21 
Jean DesRoches18 
Eloi DesRoches15 
Angeline DesRoches13 
Thomas Gaudet47Farmer, prosperous
Mrs Philomene Gaudet43Nee Gaudet
Ephrem Gaudet16 
Catherine Gaudet9 
Gilbert Gaudet30Farmer, industrious
Mrs Marie Gaudet27Nee DesRoches
Lauretta Gaudet2 
Etienne DesRoches28Labourer, industrious
Mrs Marie DesRoches28Nee Gaudet
Catherine DesRoches1 
Louise Poirier16 
Joseph (Sosime) Gaudet32Farmer, industrious
Mrs Adoline Gaudet30Nee Gaudet
Arcull Gaudet10 
Zelie Gaudet5 
Elizabeth Gaudet4 
Joseph Agape Gaudet2 
Widow Stanislaus Poirier28Nee Julienne Gaudet, lives with father & brother
Arcule Poirier7 
Stanislaus Poirier4 
Stanislaus Gaudet56Farmer, industrious
Mrs Marie Gaudet49Nee LeClerc
Etienne Gaudet23 
Madeleine Gaudet20 
Joseph Gaudet18 
Marie Gaudet16 
Gilbert Gaudet12 
Alphonse Gaudet8 
Basilis Gaudet6 
Fidèle (Stanis.) Gaudet28Farmer, industrious
Mrs Margaret Gaudet25Nee Arsenault
Philibert Gaudet3 
Wenceslaus Gaudet1 
Léon Gaudet4 months 
Jean Gaudet59Farmer, industrious
Mrs Marie Gaudet62Nee Gaudet
Etienne Gaudet30 
Hubert Gaudet26 
Marguerite Gaudet24 
Madeleine Gaudet21 
Agno Gaudet37Farmer, industrious
Mrs Marie Gaudet24Nee Gallant
Joseph Gaudet33 
Mrs Catene Gaudet25Nee Poirier
Laurent Gaudet13Adopted by Joseph
Zephyime DesRoches29Labourer, industrious
Mrs Priscille DesRoches24Nee Gaudet, labourer, industrious
Joseph Alphonse DesRoches3 months 
J. Honore Gaudet22Labouruer, industrious
Mrs Marianne Gaudet22Nee Gaudet
J. B. Sylvere Gaudet3 months 
Moise Gaudet43Farmer, industrious
Mrs Eulalie Gaudet41Nee DesRoches
John Peter Gaudet20 
Joseph Gaudet17 
Marie Sophie Gaudet15 
Marie Alice Gaudet9 
Joseph Alpha Gaudet7 
Joseph Emile Gaudet5 
Marianne Jacqueline Gaudet2 
Robert LeClerc23Farmer, industrious
Mrs Balthilde LeClerc40Nee Gaudet, widow of Jean Poirier
Stanislas Poirier9 
Madeleine Poirier7 
Maurice Poirier38Farmer, industrious
Mrs Marie Poirier28Nee Gaudet
Alice Poirier6 
Rosina Poirier4 
Celestin Poirier2 
(Note: The above family was listed in the household of Pierre Poirier, 45, and Marie Arsenault. Also listed were Pierre's mother, widow Marcelline Poirier. Unfortunately, I did not transcribe the entire household.)
Narcisse Gallant40Farmer, industrious
Mrs Marie Gallant38Nee Gaudet
Charlotte Gallant15 
Sophie Gallant10 
Ilionove Gallant8 
Ancule Gallant4 
Alphonse Gallant2 
Charlotte Doucette86Mrs. Gallant's mother
Amable Gaudet76Farmer, industrious
Jean (Amable) Gaudet51Farmer, industrious
Mrs Marie Gaudet42Nee DesRoches
Gilbert Gaudet22School teacher
Alphonse Gaudet18School teacher
Amable Gaudet16 
Marianne Gaudet5 
François Arthur Gaudet1 
Veronique Poirier18Servant
Léon Gaudet63Farmer, prosperous
Mrs Balthilde Gaudet60Nee DesRoches
Judith Gaudet26 
Alice Poirier14Adopted
Mrs Damase Poirier28Nee Arlene Gaudet, nurse
Bernadette Poirier6 
Josephine Poirier4 
Pacifique Gaudet63Farmer, industrious
Mrs Daphne Gaudet65Nee Gaudet
Honore DesRoches23Labourer
Mrs Agnes DesRoches28Nee Gaudet
Polycarpe Gaudet40Farmer
Mrs Margaret Gaudet38Nee Arsenault
Marianne Gaudet13 
Julienne Gaudet9 
Jean Francois Gaudet7 
Joseph Arsene Gaudet6 
Cyrus Gaudet4 
Flavien Gaudet38Labourer, poor
Mrs Seraphine Gaudet34Nee Arsenault
Jean Gaudet15Unable to read
Cecile Gaudet7 
Modeste Gaudet5 
Angelina Gaudet9 
Antoine Gaudet6 months 
Aujuste Poirier45Farmer, industrious
Mrs Marie Poirier43Nee Gaudet
Ansene Poirier13 
Nazaire Poirier9 
Francois Poirier5 
Sylvene Poirier3 
Clovis Arsenault35Mechanic, industrious
Mrs Julie Arsenault30Nee Gaudet
Leonie Arsenault9 
Joseph Emile Arsenault7 
Joseph Arsenault5 
Catherine Arsenault3 
Marianne Arsenault1 
Joseph Felix Gaudet26Farmer
Mrs Madeleine Gaudet21Nee DesRoches
Felix Gaudet73Farmer
John Gaudet30Shoemaker
Catherine Gaudet18Adopted by Felix
Veuve Onesime Gaudet41Farmer, poor
Marie Anne Gaudet21(?) Nee Arsenault
Judith Gaudet19 
Celene Gaudet17 
Andre Gaudet16 
Denis Gaudet11 
Alice Gaudet9 
Joseph Gaudet6 
Jerome Gaudet26Labourer, poor
Mrs Julia Gaudet30Nee Arsenault
Abdon Gaudet3 
Theophile Gaudet2 
Onezime Gaudet3 months 
Basil DesRoches48Farmer
Mrs Catherine DesRoches48Nee Hickey
Christianne DesRoches18 
Joseph A. DesRoches16 
Mary Jane DesRoches14 
John Philip DesRoches10 
Peter L. DesRoches8 
John Woods Jr33Blacksmith, industrious
Mrs. M. A. Woods39Nee McLellan
Francois Gaudet53Labourer, industrious
Mrs Emilie Gaudet45Nee Gaudet
Joseph A. Gaudet21Merchant
Germain Gaudet20Chemist in Boston
Ucarle? Gaudet18 
Eugenie Gaudet15 
Jean Pierre Gaudet13 
Manuel Gaudet11 
Joachim Gaudet8 
Antonin Gaudet2 
Joseph DesRoches (Jos.)48Mechanic, not prosperous
Mrs Sylvie DesRoches45Nee LeClerc
Marguerite DesRoches24 
Stanislaus DesRoches21Labourer
Joseph Benoit DesRoches19Labourer
Marianne DesRoches17 
Gilbert DesRoches12 
Basil DesRoches10 
Ansene DesRoches8 
Augustine DesRoches6 
Joseph Thomas DesRoches3 
Joachim Edward DesRoches1 
H. V. DesRoches46Merchant, prosperous
Mrs Arline DesRoches41Nee Gaudet
Cyr DesRoches17Clerk
Rosaline DesRoches13 
Honoriue DesRoches11 
Félix DesRoches9 
Adam DesRoches6 
Jean-Baptiste DesRoches4 
Joachim DesRoches4 
Philomene DesRoches1 
Peter Gaudet48Labourer, not prosperous
Mrs Mary A. Gaudet42Nee McNeil, seamstress
Joseph Gaudet21Labourer
Stephen Gaudet20Labourer
Eva Gaudet16 
Terrance Gaudet14 
John Albyn Gaudet12 
George Gaudet10 
Willie Gaudet8 
Mary M. Gaudet6 
Annie Stella Gaudet4 
Juste DesRoches57Farmer, industrious
Mrs Gertrude DesRoches63Nee Gaudet
Louise DesRoches59Sister to Juste
John S. Gaudet45Merchant, not wealthy
Mrs Ursule Gaudet43Nee Poirier
Alphonse Gaudet19Clerk
Emma Gaudet17Dressmaker
Bella Gaudet16 
Dinah Gaudet13 
Eugenie Gaudet11 
Julie Gaudet9 
Marianne Gaudet8 
Evangeline Gaudet6 
Melina Gaudet2 
Procul Arsenault69John's mother-in-law
Sylvain Gaudet69Farmer, industrious
Mrs Blanche Gaudet63Nee Arsenault
Rigobert Gaudet34 
Marguerite Gaudet28 
Annete Gaudet28 
Francoise Gaudet25 
Edward Laughlin69Farmer, prosperous
Mrs. M. A. Laughlin50Nee Rogers
Maggie Laughlin21 
Peter Laughlin19 
Edward Laughlin15 
Joseph Laughlin13 
Raymond B. Laughlin8 
Edward Wallace Laughlin1Grandson, adopted