Extracts from L'Impartial, Tignish, PEI
1893 - 1915

L'Impartial, published at Tignish between 22 January 1893 and 1 June 1915, was the first French-language paper on Prince Edward Island. The founders were Gilbert Buote, editor, and his son, François-Joseph Buote, manager. The paper itself was dedicated to the advancement of the Acadian cause and the rights of all Acadians, especially those on Prince Edward Island. There is no doubt that L'Impartial did indeed have a strong effect on the Acadian cause, including the advancement of Acadian rights, the protection of the French language, and the preservation of Acadian heritage on Prince Edward Island.

It is for the latter that we modern genealogists and historians must be truly thankful. Both of the Buotes, and especially Gilbert, had a deep love for historical and genealogical research. François-Joseph was the president of the committee that oversaw the Tignish centennial celebrations in 1899. Gilbert, meanwhile, used the paper as a forum to publish his research. L'Impartial did contain the same typical birth, marriage, and death announcements that can be found in any newspaper. But, it also went beyond that, printing articles that delved deep into both the ancestry, as well as the more modern members (for the period), of many of the Island Acadian families. For Gilbert Buote, the publication of his historical research and genealogies culminated in July 1899 with the printing of L'Impartial Illustré, timed to coincide with the centennial celebrations.

L'Impartial Illustré, and the histories and genealogies found within its pages, are still used as a guide for many modern researchers of Island Acadian families and regions. In 1999, it was re-printed for the Tignish Bicentennial celebrations by the Comité historique acadien Prince-Ouest ltée, and is still available at some Island bookstores. Its bilingual make-up and the inclusion of articles on the history of Irish settlement in the Tignish region is also of interest to those researching the early Irish families of Western Prince County.

The extracts listed below are by no means complete but comprise transcriptions that I made for use in my own research. The fact that no articles appear for a certain date or year does not imply that none exist - only that I have not transcribed any. They are organized in chronological order. I have highlighted the names, and capitalized the surnames, of the people listed. Otherwise, I have attempted to preserve the original spelling. The microfilms I consulted were, in some places, hard to read so there may be some errors. I apologize for any errors and all errors are mine. Please consult the originals for confirmation.

All of the extracts are written in their original French. Unfortunately, I do not have the time to respond to translation requests from non-French speaking visitors. There are several translation utilities available on the internet.


Microfilms F-1111 to F-1119 (inclusive), Centre d'études acadiennes. Transcriptions and transfer to electronic format (HTML) completed on various dates from 2000 to 2003.