Charlottetown Herald
Nominal Index for Vital Stats Book

The following "partial" index exists solely to assist people in determining whether or not the book contains references to "names of interest." It is not meant to be a finding aid for the book itself (the book contains a complete version of the index), nor is it intended to be a finding aid for those wishing to review either the original or microfilmed versions of the actual newspaper.

Please note that the following sample index contains neither page numbers nor references to name or spelling variations. Some individuals may appear in the text more than once and some may appear under two or more spelling variations.

The spellings used are as they appear in the original articles. Married women, where both names are listed in the original records, are indexed by both their maiden and married names. Many names appear more than once - in some cases, there are multiple entries on the same individual: but, it is also indicative of the recurrence of common names (ie: more than one person with that name).

Finally, ALL personal names from the original articles have been indexed. The appearance of a name does not imply the existence of any vital statistics or other details on that individual - only that they have been named at some point. Examples include references to priests, doctors, coroners, public officials, etc. This was done because even indirect references to individuals can provide genealogists with supporting information or open new research avenues and sources.

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			-No Surname-
			Mary Jane	
			Sister St. Scholastica	
			Abraham, Tom		
			Adams, John	
			Ahearn, Margaret	
			Ahearn, Patrick	
			Ahearn, Peter	
			Ahern, Ann	
			Ahern, Peter	
			Ahevon, Nicholas	
			Aitken, George
			Aitken, James M.
			Aitken, Margaret
			Aldous, Edwin
			Aldous, Hon. John
			Allan, George
			Allan, Rev. James
			Alley, Elizabeth M.J.
			Alley, George
			Alley, Isabella L.
			Alley, Mary T.
			Alley, T. Alfred
			Alley, W.B.
			Alleyne, John Edward Worrell
			Allin, Rev. James
			Allin, Jane
			Allin, Maggie Isabel
			Anderson, Barbara
			Anderson, Catherine Adelle
			Anderson, David
			Anderson, Eliza Helen
			Anderson, Helen
			Anderson, Henry
			Anderson, Captain Hugh
			Anderson, James
			Anderson, Jane
			Anderson, Captain John
			Anderson, Margaret
			Anderson, Margaret Annie
			Anderson, Robert
			Anderson, Theophilus
			Anderson, William
			Annear, John
			Arbuckle, John
			Armstrong, Rev. William
			Arsenault, James
			Arsenault, Marin
			Ashley, William
			Atken, James
			Atken, Sophia
			Aylward, James
			Aylward, Capt. John
			Aylward, Kate
			Aylward, Mary
			Aylward, Nicholas
			Baker, Sarah
			Bagnall, Charlotte
			Bagnall, Hon. George
			Bagnall, George Edwin
			Bagnall, Martha Jane
			Bagnall, Samuel
			Bagnall, William
			Bain, James, sen.
			Bain, Sarah
			Ball, Emily
			Ball, Joseph
			Balls, Isabella
			Barnard, Mary A.C.
			Barr, James
			Barrett, John
			Barrett, Mary Matilda
			Barrows, Rev. J.
			Barry, D.
			Barry, Elizabeth Gertrude
			Barry, Rev. T.
			Batt, Ann
			Batt, Samuel
			Bauld, Annie Elizabeth
			Bauld, Wm.
			Bayfield, Admiral
			Bayfield, Mrs.
			Beairsto, Benjamin, Senior
			Bearney, Bridget
			Bearney, Catherine
			Bearney, Patrick
			Beaton, Mrs.
			Beaton, Hon. Donald
			Beaton, John
			Beaton, Matilda
			Beaton, Norman
			Beaton, Capt. Ronald
			Beer, Dr.
			Beer, Eliza
			Beer, Hon. George
			Beer, Henry
			Beer, Jane
			Beer, Lemual L.
			Beer, Mary Ann
			Beer, Philip
			Belcourt, Rev. Geo. A.
			Bell, Andrew
			Bell, William
			Bennet, Robert
			Bent, Amy Duraxa
			Bent, John
			Berrigan, Margaret
			Berrigan, Patrick
			Bertram, Agnes L.
			Bertram, Joseph
			Best, Margaret J.
			Bethune, Christy
			Bethune, Daniel
			Bethune, John
			Bethune, Mary Isabella Guliachna
			Betts, Margaret E.
			Betts, Martin
			Birule, George
			Birule, Helen
			Bishop, Barbara
			Bishop, Geo.
			Blaikie, Rev. Alex.
			Blake, Mrs. & Sons
			Blatch, Henry
			Blatch, Mary T.
			Bliss, Rev. Donald M.
			Bolan, Felicitas
			Bolan, Michael
			Boswell, Eliza A.
			Boswell, Robert
			Bourke, Emma
			Bourke, J.R.
			Bourke, Walter
			Bracket, Henrietta
			Bracket, Wm. H.
			Brander, Barbara
			Brander, John
			Brazil, Agnes Anastatia
			Brazil, James
			Brehaut, C.
			Breman, Hon. Daniel
			Brenan, Edward
			Brenan, Patrick
			Brenan, Patrick, junior
			Brennan, Catherine Annie
			Brennan, Michael
			Broad, Mary Jane
			Broad, Thomas C.
			Broderick, Rev. James
			Brooks, H.J.
			Brooks, M.A.P.
			Brothers, Mary
			Brown, Alexander	
			Brown, Mrs. Alexander
			Brown, Angus
			Brown, B.W.
			Brown, Catherine Ellen
			Brown, Matilda
			Brown, Mattie J.
			Brown, N.J.
			Brown, Nicholson
			Brown, Sarah M.
			Brown, William	
			Broyderick, Father
			Broyderick, Ellen Matilda
			Broyderick, Thomas
			Buchanan, Archibald
			Buchanan, Duncan, Senior.
			Buckey, Andrew
			Bulger, Simon
			Bullock, Very Rev. Dean
			Buote, Dominick
			Burdge, Catherine
			Burdge, Mary
			Burdge, Peter
			Burdge, Richard
			Burdge, Thomas
			Burke, Dorinda Jane
			Burke, Wm. Roche	
			Burns, Laurence
			Burns, Robert
			Butcher, Eliza J.
			Butcher, James M.
			Butcher, John W.
			Butcher, Theophilus C.
			Butcher, William
			Butler, Charlotte J.
			Butler, Martin
			Byers, Mary
			Byers, Ralph
			Byers, William
			Byrne, Alice Jane
			Byrne, Edmund F.
			Byrne, Captain Francis Henry
			Byrne, Walter
			C-bb, Anne
			C-bb, William, Senr.
			C-nran, Timothy
			Caffray, Ann
			Caffrey, Martha
			Cahill, Alice
			Cahill, Eliza
			Cahill, James
			Cahill, Patrick
			Cahill, Thomas
			Cairns, Mr.
			Cairns, James
			Calbeck, Joseph P.
			Calbeck, Margaret J.
			Calbeck, Philip
			Calhoun, D.H.
			Callaghan, Mary
			Callaghan, Michael
			Callaghan, Patrick
			Callaghan, Thomas
			Cameron, Dr.
			Cameron, Rev. A.
			Cameron, Allan
			Cameron, Daniel
			Cameron, Rev. Daniel Wm.
			Cameron, Ewen
			Cameron, Isabella
			Cameron, Jane
			Cameron, Lizzie
			Cameron, R.
			Cameron, Sarah Jane
			Campbell, Allan
			Campbell, Angus
			Campbell, Ann
			Campbell, Catherine
			Campbell, Elizabeth
			Campbell, Everistes
			Campbell, Felicitas
			Campbell, Flora
			Campbell, Hector M.
			Campbell, Hugh
			Campbell, John
			Campbell, Captain Joseph
			Campbell, M.
			Campbell, Malcolm
			Campbell, Mary
			Campbell, Mary Rose
			Campbell, Neil Dugald
			Campbell, Capt. R.
			Campbell, Thos.
			Cannon, Elizabeth
			Cannon, William F.
			Carr, Donald C.
			Carr, John
			Carr, Robert Patterson
			Carrol, Thomas
			Carroll, Frances Cecilia
			Carroll, James
			Carroll, Johanna
			Carroll, Julia
			Carroll, Michael
			Carroll, Patrick
			Carvell, J.S.
			Cattley, Caroline
			Cattley, Henry B.
			Chaisson, Alex
			Chaisson, Catherine
			Chaisson, Edwin Louis
			Chaisson, Flora
			Chaisson, Isidore
			Chappell, Benjamin
			Chappell, Martha J.
			Chapple, J.
			Chassion, Joseph
			Chiasson, Judith
			Chiniquy, Father
			Chisholm, Amelia
			Chisholm, J.W.P.
			Chowan, Henery
			Clark, Mrs. John
			Clark, Sophia A.
			Clarke, Horatio
			Clarke, John
			Clarke, W.E.
			Clarke, William Elisha
			Clay, C.
			Clay, D.D.
			Clay, Darius D.
			Clay, Henry
			Clay, Thomas
			Cloney, Mary Ann
			Cloney, William
			Cluney, Henrietta
			Coady, Edward
			Coady, Walter
			Coady, William
			Coffin, Andrew
			Coffin, Catherine Adelle
			Coffin, Dorindo	
			Coffin, Douglas
			Coffin, Duncan
			Coffin, Edward
			Coffin, Elisha	
			Coffin, Henry	
			Coffin, Kemble	
			Coffin, Margaret Jane
			Coffin, Mary L.
			Coffin, Philip
			Cole, George
			Coles, Annie L.C.
			Coles, Eliza Annie
			Coles, Hon. George	
			Coles, James W.
			Coles, Jane Haine
			Coles, Mary Victoria
			Collings, John
			Collings, Jonathon Couch
			Collins, James
			Colpitts, Rev. W.W.
			Condon, James
			Condon, T.
			Conley, Owen
			Connell, Emma
			Connell, James	
			Connick, P.
			Connolly, James
			Connolly, Mary
			Connor, Alfred
			Connor, Mary Ann Martha
			Conroy, Dr.
			Conroy, John
			Cooper, Carrie Lousia
			Cooper, George
			Cooper, J.B.
			Cooper, J. Barrett
			Cooper, James
			Cooper, William
			Corbett, John
			Corcoran, John
			Corcoran, Margaret
			Cosgrove, Mary A.
			Cosgrove, Rose
			Cosgrove, Wm.
			Coveny, Moser
			Covill, Captain Joseph	
			Cox, John Benjamin	
			Crane, Chandler
			Crane, J. Hamlin
			Crane, James R.
			Crane, Matilda
			Crawford, Elder D.
			Crawford, Rev. D.
			Crawford, George
			Crawford, Rev. Henry
			Creed, Maria
			Creed, Dr. William
			Crisp, Rev. Thomas
			Croake, Mrs. William
			Croker, Charles
			Cummings, Hannah
			Cummings, John
			Cummings, Rev. Thomas
			Cundall, Sarah Louisa
			Cundall, William
			Currie, Archibald
			Currie, Jessie
			Curtis, Jessey
			Curtis, Thos.
			Dalton, Margaret
			Daly, Caroline Louisa
			Daly, Sir Dominick
			Daly, Dominick Gore
			Daly, Joanna Wynne
			Daly, Louisa
			Darby, George
			Davidson, Capt.
			Davidson, James A.
			Davis, (Mrs. David Walker)
			Davis, Rev. J.
			Dawson, Jemima
			Dawson, W.E.
			DeBlois, Sarah Wastie
			DeBlois, Rev. S.W.
			DeBlois, Stephen W.
			Delaney, Rev. Father
			Delaney, Johanna
			DeLangie, Baptiste L.
			DeLangie, Rev. F.X.L.
			DeLangie, Magdeleine Frigon
			DesBrisay, Benjamin
			DesBrisay, Flora McDonald
			DesBrisay, L.P.W.
			DesBrisay, Rev. Theoph.
			DesBrisay. Theophilus
			DesRoches, Adelade
			DesRoches, Emelia
			DesRoches, Honore V.
			De Veber, Rev. W.H.
			Dewar, Alexander
			Dewar, Donald
			Dewar, Sergt. Peter
			Dingwell, Charles
			Dingwell, Elizabeth
			Dingwell, George
			Dingwell, Hon. James
			Dingwell, Mary
			Dingwell, Nathan
			Dingwell, Sophia
			Dodd, Jane
			Dodd, Simon	
			Dodd, Thomas	
			Dogherty, Angus
			Doiron, John Chas.
			Doiron, Joshua
			Donahoe, Thomas
			Donnelly, James
			Donovan, John
			Donovan, Thomas
			Doran, Philip
			Doucette, Emily
			Doucette, Fabian
			Doucette, Moses
			Doucette, Veronica Ann
			Dougan, W.
			Douglas, Benjamin C.
			Douglas, Daniel
			Douglas, Hannah Blanchard
			Douglas, Catherine Jane
			Douglas, Melinda
			Douglas, Rev. Robert
			Douglass, Isabella
			Douglass, James R.	
			Douglass, Robert
			Douse, Esther Julia
			Douse, W.
			Doyle, Ellen
			Doyle, John
			Doyle, Rev. Patrick	
			Doyle, Peter
			Drew, Charles
			Drew, Matilda
			Duffy, Christopher
			Duffy, George
			Duffy, Mary
			Dumphy, John
			Dumphy, Maggie
			Duncan, John
			Duncan, Rev. Thomas	
			Dundas, Lieutenant Governor
			Dyer, Rev. Mr.
			Earle, Esther Julia Earle
			Earle, Samuel N.
			Eaton, Horace
			Eden, Mrs.
			Edgehill, Rev. J.C.
			Edmonds, Daniel
			Edmonds, Johanna
			Edmonds, Margaret Anne
			Elworth, Captain
			Enman, Flora L.
			Enman, Thomas E.
			Eskildson, Henry W.
			Eskildson, Mary Emeline
			Evans, Capt.
			Evans, Rev. Edwin
			Evans, Patrick
			Everett, Lettie
			Fanning, General Edmund	
			Falconer, Rev. Alexander
			Faraday, Mr.
			Farquharson, Dorindo
			Farquharson, James
			Farr, Rev. Canon. G.H.
			Faught, Caroline Matilda
			Faught, Richard
			Feehan, Edward
			Feehan, James
			Feehan, Mary
			Fellows, J. Hamlin
			Fellows, James I.
			Fellowse, Robt. A.
			Ferdinand, Charles J.
			Ferdinand, L.L.
			Ferguson, Alex.
			Ferguson, James R.
			Ferguson, Jane
			Ferguson, John
			Fernald, Rev. Mr.
			Finlay, Ellen
			Finlay, Patrick
			Finley, James
			Fisset, Rev. Peter
			Fitzgerald, Rev. David
			Fitzgerald, Mary
			Fitzpatrick, John B.
			Fitzpatrick, Margaret Frances
			Flannigan, John
			Fletcher, Isabella L.
			Flinn, Michael
			Flynn, Capt. Daniel
			Flynn, James
			Foley, Rev. Mr.
			Foley, Alice
			Foley, Edward
			Foley, Capt. Thomas
			Foley, Rev. W.J.
			Foley, William
			Forgan, Susan
			Forgan, Wm.
			Forrest, George
			Found, Henry
			Found, Henry G.
			Frame, Mary Jane
			Frame, Rev. W.R.
			Francis, Captain
			Francis, Sally
			Fraser, Mrs.
			Fraser, Rev. Allan
			Fraser, Amelia
			Fraser, Euphemia
			Fraser, Elder John
			Fraser, P.G.
			Fraser, Wm. H.
			Freeland, Russell G.
			Freeman, Rev. M.P.
			Freeman, Sarah
			French, Sarah Ann
			Frizzle, Daniel
			Frost, Emma M.
			Frost, Mary Ann
			Full, William
			Furlong, Patrick
			Gaffney, Dr.
			Gaffney, Ann
			Gaffney, Mr. P.
			Galbraith, Harriet W.C. Boswell
			Galbraith, R.
			Galbraith, Robert
			Galbraith, Susan
			Gallant, Albert
			Gallant, Alfred
			Gallant, Christina Ann
			Gallant, Joseph F.
			Gallant, Lucy
			Gallant, Mary A.C.
			Gallant, Peter
			Gallant, Prospere
			Gallant, Sylvan
			Galloway, Henry
			Galloway, William
			Gardiner, Eliza J.
			Gardiner, Jane
			Gardiner, Hon. John R.
			Garland, Elizabeth
			Garland, James
			Garland, John
			Garland, Mary
			Garraghan, Mr.
			Gates, John
			Gaudet, Adelade
			Gaudet, Felix
			Gaudet, Mary
			Gaul, Mr.
			Gaul, Walter
			Gauvreau, Caroline
			Gauvreau, Elzear
			Gavin, Michael
			Gavin, Sarah E.
			Gay, Abner
			Gay, Catherine
			Gilligan, Mrs.
			Gillis, Alexander
			Gillis, Ann
			Gillis, James L.
			Gillis, Joseph
			Gillis, Joseph F.
			Gillis, Mary
			Glover, Mary Isabella Guliachna
			Glover, Robert
			Godfrey, Sarah
			Godkin, William
			Goodman, Caroline Jane Elizabeth
			Goodman, Hon. G.R.
			Gordon, Agnes L.
			Gordon, Robert
			Gormley, James
			Gormley, John
			Gormley, Mary
			Gormley, Patrick
			Gould, John
			Gould, Sarah
			Gourlie, Helen Emma
			Gourlie, James
			Grant, Rev. A.M.
			Grant, Allen
			Grant, Edward
			Grant, Jessey
			Grant, M.P.
			Grant, Richard
			Grant, W.C.
			Gray, Hon. Col.
			Gray, Lady
			Greehan, Margaret
			Green, Ann
			Green, Charles
			Green, D.S.
			Green, Mary Jane
			Gridley, Elizabeth
			Gridley, John
			Griffith, Daniel
			Hackett, Edward
			Hackett, Hannah M.
			Hackett, James Edward
			Hagan, Francis
			Hagan, Maggie
			Hale, Julia Ann
			Hall, Isaac C.
			Hall, S. Lettie
			Hamil, John
			Hamil, Owen
			Hamilton, Eliza
			Hamilton, Wm.
			Handrahan, Catherine
			Handrahan, John
			Handrahan, Thomas
			Handrigan, Catherine
			Handrigan, John
			Hannan, Rev. Dr.
			Harding, Richard
			Harding, Sarah
			Harper, Isaac
			Harper, Mary Jane
			Harrington, Charles
			Harrington, Cornelius
			Harrington, Julia
			Harrington, Mary Jane
			Harrington, Mary Matilda
			Harrington, Patrick
			Harrington, Timothy
			Harris, George
			Harris, James A.
			Harviston, Ada P.
			Harviston, James
			Haskins, Rev.
			Haszard, Sarah Louisa
			Haszard, William
			Haviland, Edith
			Haviland, Matilda
			Haviland, Thomas Heath
			Hawkins, Charles
			Hayden, Alexander
			Hayden, Anna
			Haythorne, Annette Gibson
			Haythorne, Elizabeth Radcliffe
			Haythorne, Rev. Joseph
			Haythorne, Robert Poore
			Henderson, Capt.
			Henderson, Annie
			Henderson, Catherine Ellen
			Henderson, John
			Henderson, Rev. John
			Henneberry, John
			Henneberry, Michael
			Henneberry, Thomas
			Hennessy, L.
			Hennessy, R.
			Hensley, Judge
			Hensley, Mrs. A.
			Hensley, Albert
			Hensley, Commander Charles
			Hensley, Sarah Wastie
			Herdman, Rev. Mr.
			Hession, Hannah
			Hession, Thomas
			Hession, Thomas G.
			Heustis, Benjamin
			Hewitt, Mr.
			Hewitt, Mrs.
			Hickey, Catherine
			Hickey, Peter
			Hickey, Mary
			Hickey, Thomas
			Higgins, Charles
			Higgins, Mary Emma
			Higgins, Rose Annie
			Higgins, Wm., sen.
			Hill, George
			Hill, Mary Joanna
			Hillman, William
			Hoar, William
			Hobbs, Annie
			Hobbs, Maurice
			Hobkirk, Dr.
			Hodgson, E.J.
			Hogan, Dennis
			Homer, Dr.
			Homer, J. 
			Homer, Lousia
			Hope, Horatio Nelson
			Hope, Laura
			Hope, N.H.
			Howat, Artemas
			Howat, Euphemia
			Howatt, Henry
			Howatt, Lousia
			Howell, Catherine
			Howell, George H.
			Howlan, Elizabeth
			Howlan, Hon. George W.
			Howlett, Alice E.
			Howlett, Mary Ann
			Howlett, Robert
			Hubbard, Sibella
			Hubbard, William
			Hudson, Betsy
			Hudson, Robert
			Huff, Rev. Mr.
			Hughes, Anne
			Hughes, Annie
			Hughes, Catherine
			Hughes, Edw.
			Hughes, James
			Hughes, John
			Hughes, Philip
			Hughes, Thomas	
			Hunt, Thomas
			Huntingdon, Rev. D.W.C.
			Hutchinson, Lizzie
			Hutchinson, Robert
			Hutchinson, Hon. Robert
			Hutchinson, Susan
			Hyde, Albert
			Hyde, John
			Hyde, William	
			Hyde, Wm. H.
			Hyndman, Mrs. C.A.
			Ings, John
			Ings, Mary Ann
			Inman, -------
			Inman, Robert
			Irving, R.B.
			Jackson, Eunice F.
			Jackson, Mary
			Jamieson, Dr.
			Jamieson, Maria
			Jarvis, Dr.
			Jenkins, Dr. J.T.
			Jenkins, J.
			Jenkins, Rev. L.C.
			Jenkins, Louisa Caroline
			Jenkins, Robert
			Jinkin, Elizabeth
			Jinkin, Samuel
			Johnson, Dr. Hammond
			Johnstone, Mary Joanna
			Johnstone, William A.
			Jones, Richard
			Jury, John
			Jury, John A.
			Jury, Mary
			Kavanagh, Patrick
			Kearney, Bernard
			Keely, P.C.
			Keenan, Bridget
			Kelley, Ann
			Kelly, Bridget
			Kelly, Ellen
			Kelly, James E.
			Kelly, Julia
			Kelly, Margaret
			Kelly, Mary
			Kelly, Mary Emeline
			Kelly, Maurice
			Kelly, Richard
			Kelly, Terence
			Kelly, Thomas	
			Kennedy, Eliza Ann
			Kennedy, James
			Kennedy, Jessie
			Kennedy, John
			Kennedy, Mary
			Kickham, Lawrence	
			Kilbride, John
			Kilbride, Mary
			Kinlay, Thomas
			Kinley, James
			Kinley, Margaret
			Kinley, Mary
			Kinley, Samuel
			Kinley, Susanna
			Kinsman, James
			Kitson, Chas.
			Kitts, Mr.
			Knox, Rev. Dr.
			Lacy, Michael
			Lane, Edward
			Lane, John
			Lane, Margaret
			Lang, David
			Langdon, Bridget
			Langdon, Catherine
			Langdon, John
			Langdon, Thomas
			Lappin, Bridget
			Lappin, James
			Laprimadage, Captain Charles Henry
			Laprimadage, Blanche Maud Margaret
			Large, George
			Large, Jane
			Large, Philip
			Large, Wm.
			Larkin, F.
			Larkin, Mrs. F.
			Larkin, John Geddie
			Larkin, Kearn
			Larkin, Mary Ann
			Latimer, Rev. J.E.
			Laverty, Michael
			Law, Rev. George
			Lawless, John
			Lawson, David
			Lawson, John
			Lawson, Margaret
			Lawson, Marianna
			Lea, John
			Leahy, John
			Leahy, Kate
			LeBrocq, Andrew William
			LeBrocq, Catherine Annie
			Lefurgey, George
			LeMarchant, Blanche Maud Margaret
			LeMarchant, Lieut. Gen. Sir Gaspard
			LePage, Elizabeth
			LePage, Fredk.
			Leslie, Alex.
			Leslie, Philip
			Leonard, Edward
			Leonard, Patrick
			Lewis, Mr.
			Lewis, John
			Linkletter, Margaret Jane
			Little, John
			Livingston, Isabella
			Lloyd, Caroline Jane Elizabet
			Lloyd, George Andrew
			Lockart, John
			Logan, Francis
			Longard, Charles
			Longard, John T.
			Longworth, George D.
			Longworth, J.
			Longworth, Mary Victoria
			Lord, Artemas
			Lord, Carrie M.
			Lord, Mary
			Lord, Hon. W.
			Lord, William	
			Lord, William Lathly
			Loughlin, Thomas
			Loving, Dr. S.
			Lydiard, E.L.
			Lynch, Catherine
			Lynch, Patrick
			M'Donald, John
			M'Intyre, R.
			Macdonald, Rev. Dougald M.
			Macdonell, James Duff
			Macdonell, Captain Ronald
			Macgowan, P. Stainforth
			Macgowan, Peter
			Macgowan, S. Lettie
			Mackieson, Dr.
			Mackieson, Amelia Carey
			Mackieson, John
			Mackieson, R. Augustus
			McAlduff, Daniel
			McAulay, Angus
			McAulay, Daniel
			McAulay, Dougald
			McAulay, Malcolm
			McAulay, Ronald
			McAuley, Alexander
			McAvinn, James
			McBeath, Alex.
			McBeath, Elouisa
			McBeth, Roderick
			McCabe, Rose
			McCallum, Archibald
			McCallum, Artemus
			McCallum, Dorinda Jane	
			McCallum, Duncan
			McCallum, James
			McCallum, Jane
			McCallum, Margaret
			McCallum, Mary Ann
			McCallum, Sarah
			McCardle, Michael
			McCardle, Rose
			McCarthy, Charles Callaghan
			McCarthy, Mary
			McCarthy, Mary Anne
			McCarthy, Patrick
			McCloskey, Mary
			McCloskey, Patrick
			McColl, Rev. James	
			McCormack, Anthony
			McCormack, Catherine
			McCormack, Cecilia
			McCormack, Donald
			McCormack, Captain Donald
			McCormack, Flora
			McCormack, Isabella Alexandrina Victoria
			McCormack, James
			McCormack, James Hamilton
			McCormack, John
			McCormack, Joseph
			McCormack, Michael
			McCormick, Mr.
			McCrudden, James
			McDearmid, Daniel	
			McDonald, Miss
			McDonald, Rev. Dr.
			McDonald, Rev. A.
			McDonald, Hon. A.A.
			McDonald, A.C.
			McDonald, Agnes M.
			McDonald, Alex. G.
			McDonald, Alexander	
			McDonald, Allan
			McDonald, Allan A.
			McDonald, Andrew
			McDonald, Angus
			McDonald, Angus R.
			McDonald, Capt. Angus R.
			McDonald, Anne
			McDonald, Augustine
			McDonald, Catherine
			McDonald, Catherine E.
			McDonald, Cecilia
			McDonald, Rev. D.
			McDonald, Rev. D.F.
			McDonald, Rev. D.M.
			McDonald, Capt. Daniel
			McDonald, Donald
			McDonald, Donald, senr.
			McDonald, Rev. Donald
			McDonald, Dougald
			McDonald, Rev. Dougald
			McDonald, Rev. Dugald S.
			McDonald, Eliza
			McDonald, Rev. F.J.
			McDonald, Flora
			McDonald, Flora Ann
			McDonald, Frederick
			McDonald, Harriet W.C. Boswell
			McDonald, Hugh
			McDonald, Isabella Ann
			McDonald, Rev. J.E.
			McDonald, James	
			McDonald, Very Rev. James
			McDonald, Jane
			McDonald, Johanna
			McDonald, John
			McDonald, Rev. John
			McDonald, Capt. John A.
			McDonald, John C.
			McDonald, John E.
			McDonald, John J.
			McDonald, John R.
			McDonald, Joseph
			McDonald, Lewis A.
			McDonald, Malcolm
			McDonald, Margaret
			McDonald, Mary
			McDonald, Mary Ann
			McDonald, Mary E. 
			McDonald, Matilda
			McDonald, Michael
			McDonald, Neil
			McDonald, Penelope
			McDonald, Rev. R.B.
			McDonald, Roderick
			McDonald, Capt. Roderick 
			McDonald, Ronald James
			McDonald, Tabine
			McDonald, Thomas
			McDonald, Mrs. (Thomas)
			McDonald, William
			McDougall, Donald
			McDougall, Dougald
			McDougall, Ewen
			McDougall, John
			McDougall, Margaret
			McDougall, Mary Ann
			McEachen, Flora
			McEachen, John
			McEachern, Bishop
			McEachern, Allan
			McEachern, Catherine
			McEachern, Daniel
			McEachern, Hugh
			McEachern, Mary
			McEwen, David
			McEwen, Ellen
			McEwen, Lousia J.
			McEwen, Richard
			McEwen, Susan
			McEwen, William
			McFadyen, Louisa
			McFadyen, Philip
			McFayden, Archibald
			McFayden, Catherine
			McGee, Alfred
			McGee, Ann Isabella
			McGee, Elizabeth
			McGee, Hon. T.D.
			McGilvery, Catherine
			McGilvery, John
			McGilvray, Donald
			McGilvray, Isabella
			McGilvray, Joseph
			McGilvray, Julia
			McGinnis, Felix
			McGowan, John
			McGrath, Mr.
			McGrath, Bridget
			McGrath, Wm.
			McGregor, Amelia
			McGronan, Cornelius
			McGronan, Mary Anne
			McGougan, Donald
			McGougan, Helen
			McInnis, Mrs.
			McInnis, Alex.
			McInnis, Allan
			McInnis, Daniel
			McInnis, Dominick
			McInnis, Captain Donald
			McInnis, Duncan
			McInnis, Dougald
			McInnis, Galien
			McInnis, Jane
			McInnis, John
			McInnis, John R.
			McInnis, Mary
			McInnis, Patrick	
			McInnis, Peter
			McIntosh, Christy	
			McIntosh, Donald
			McIntosh, John Alexander
			McIntyre, Capt.
			McIntyre, Right Rev. Dr.
			McIntyre, Agnes M.
			McIntyre, Gabriel
			McIntyre, Hugh
			McIntyre, John
			McIntyre, Joseph
			McIntyre, Mary
			McIntyre, Peter Adolphus
			McIntyre, Stephen
			McIsaac, Angus
			McIsaac, Christiana
			McIsaac, D.
			McIsaac, Mrs. D
			McIsaac, Mrs. (Donald)
			McIsaac, Donald
			McIsaac, Donald A.
			McIsaac, Rev. Dougald J.
			McIsaac, Jane
			McIsaac, John
			McIsaac, Capt. John
			McKay, Mrs.
			McKay, Catherine
			McKay, Donald
			McKay, Eliza Matilda
			McKay, Elizabeth
			McKay, Henry
			McKay, James
			McKay, Lydia
			McKay, Matilda
			McKay, Neil
			McKay, Robert
			McKay, William
			McKeevar, Hugh
			McKendrick, Catherine
			McKendrick, Charles
			McKenna, Rev. Mr.
			McKenna, Catherine
			McKenna, Charles
			McKenna, Charlotte J.
			McKenna, Edward J.
			McKenna, Felix
			McKenna, James
			McKenna, Rev. James A.
			McKenna, James B.
			McKenna, John
			McKenna, John A.
			McKenna, John Arnold
			McKenna, Mary
			McKenna, Patrick
			McKenna, Peter
			McKenna, Rose	
			McKenna, Rose Ann
			McKenna, Thomas
			McKenzie, Alexander
			McKenzie, Angeline
			McKenzie, Angus
			McKenzie, Catherine
			McKenzie, Eliza A.
			McKenzie, Elizabeth
			McKenzie, Elizabeth M.J.
			McKenzie, Flora L.
			McKenzie, James
			McKenzie, Capt. John J.
			McKenzie, Jonathan
			McKenzie, Joseph
			McKenzie, Kenneth
			McKenzie, Malcolm
			McKenzie, Margaret
			McKenzie, Mary
			McKeown, Catherine Annie
			McKeown, Dr. J.C.
			McKeown, John C.
			McKie, Isabella
			McKinnon, Alexander
			McKinnon, Allan
			McKinnon, Angus
			McKinnon, David
			McKinnon, Donald
			McKinnon, Donald H.
			McKinnon, Elizabeth
			McKinnon, Hannah
			McKinnon, Hugh
			McKinnon, Jane
			McKinnon, Jennet
			McKinnon, John
			McKinnon, Marcellina
			McKinnon, Margaret
			McKinnon, Mary
			McKinnon, Mary Amelia
			McKinnon, Mary Ann
			McLane, Donald
			McLane, Mary
			McLaren, Alice Jane
			McLaren, Daniel
			McLaren, Hon. James
			McLaren, John
			McLaughlan, Mary Paulina
			McLaughlan, Matthew
			McLean, A.
			McLean, Rev. A.
			McLean, Alexander	
			McLean, Reverend Alexander
			McLean, Angus
			McLean, Hugh
			McLean, John	
			McLean, Maggie Jane
			McLean, Matilda
			McLean, Sarah Jane
			McLellan, Alexander
			McLellan, Ann
			McLellan, Ann Isabella
			McLellan, Bennet
			McLellan, Catherine
			McLellan, Final
			McLellan, James
			McLellan, John
			McLellan, Leo
			McLellan, Louisa
			McLellan, Philip
			McLellan, Capt. Roderick
			McLellan, Stephen
			McLennan, Alex.
			McLennan, Ann
			McLennan, D.
			McLennan, Elizabeth S.
			McLeod, Ann
			McLeod, Barbara
			McLeod, Donald
			McLeod, Elizabeth
			McLeod, James
			McLeod, John
			McLeod, M.
			McLeod, Mathew
			McLeod, Rachel
			McLeod, William
			McLeod, Capt. William
			McMahon, Ann
			McMahon, John
			McMahon, Peter
			McMahon, Synon
			McManus, Ellen
			McManus, Susan
			McManus, Thomas
			McMicken, John
			McMillan, Angus
			McMillan, Christiana
			McMillan, John
			McMillan, John C.
			McMillan, Malcolm
			McMillan, Neil
			McMullin, Alice E.
			McMullin, Peter
			McMurrer, Bridget
			McMurrer, John
			McNair, Mrs. Robert
			McNair, Robert
			McNally, Ann
			McNally, James
			McNally, John
			McNally, Maggie
			McNally, Michael
			McNally, Peter
			McNally, Philip
			McNally, Sarah
			McNally, Sarah Ann
			McNeil, Archibald
			McNeil, Jessie
			McNeil, Robert
			McNeill, Dr.
			McNeill, Alexander S.
			McNeill, Charles
			McNeill, Rev. Donald
			McNeill, Euphemia
			McNeill, Hugh
			McNeill, John
			McNeill, Peter McNutt
			McNeill, W.S.
			McNutt, Edith
			McNutt, Francis
			McNutt, Jane
			McPhee, Donald
			McPhee, Hugh
			McPhee, Isabella
			McPhee, Mary
			McPhee, Rev. R.P.
			McPherson, Catherine
			McPherson, John B.
			McPherson, Louisa
			McPherson, William
			McQuaid, Sarah
			McQuarrie, Flora
			McQuarrie, John
			McQuillan, Mary
			McRae, Alex.
			McRae, Donald
			McRae, Eliza Helen
			McRae, George	
			McRae, Capt. James
			McRae, Jane
			McTague, Bernard
			McTague, James
			McTague, Jane
			McTague, Margaret
			McVarish, John, senr.
			McWade, Michael
			McWilliam, Rev. Alexander
			McWilliam, Barbara
			McWilliam, Hugh
			Mahon, Thomas
			Malone, Helen
			Malone, Mary
			Malone, William
			Marquis, Daniel
			Marquis, Ellen
			Marshall, William
			Martin, Ann
			Martin, Bridget
			Martin, Charles
			Martin, Elizabeth S.
			Martin, Joseph, Junr.
			Martin, Lucy
			Martin, Margaret E.
			Massey, Hugh
			Massey, Mary J.
			Matheson, John
			Matheson, Margaret
			Mathewson, D.
			Mathewson, Mattie J.
			Matthews, Mary Jane
			Mawley, Mrs. Francis
			Mawley, Maria
			Maxwell, Henry
			May, John Landy
			Mayhew, Mrs. Francis
			Mayo, Mr.
			Mellish, John T.
			Mellish, Martha J.
			Messenet, Mr.
			Milligan, Rev. Mr.
			Mitchell, Emma Jane
			Mitchell, Helen
			Mitchell, Samuel R.
			Mitchell, Samuel William
			Monaghan, John
			Monaghan, Maggie
			Monaghan, Patrick
			Monteith, James W.
			Montgomery, Hon. Donald
			Montgomery, Hugh
			Montgomery, James T.
			Montgomery, Hon. John
			Moody, E.A.
			Moody, Edward Templeton
			Mooney, Daniel
			Mooney, Eliza Ann
			Moore, James
			Morris, Mrs. Thomas
			Morrison, Archibald
			Morrison, Charles
			Morrison, John, Jr.
			Morrison, John K.
			Morrison, Mary
			Morrison, Neil
			Morrison, Patrick
			Morrissey, James
			Morrissey, Mary
			Morshead, George
			Mountain, Annie
			Mountain, Thomas
			Moynagh, Edward
			Muir, Henry Skey
			Muir, Maria Louisia
			Mullin, Ann
			Mullins, Mary
			Muncey, J.M.
			Muncey, Matilda
			Munro, Catherine
			Munroe, Rev. A.
			Munroe, Flora
			Munroe, Roderick
			Murchison, Donald
			Murchison, John
			Murchison, Neil
			Murphy, Alice
			Murphy, Anastatia
			Murphy, Andrew
			Murphy, Bridget
			Murphy, Catherine
			Murphy, Charlotte
			Murphy, David
			Murphy, Ellen
			Murphy, James
			Murphy, Johanna
			Murphy, John G.
			Murphy, Laurence
			Murphy, Lawrence
			Murphy, Margaret
			Murphy, Mary
			Murphy, Mary A.
			Murphy, Mary Ann
			Murphy, Matthew
			Murphy, Michael
			Murphy, Patrick
			Murphy, Patrick, junr.
			Murphy, Patrick James
			Murphy, Peter
			Murphy, Richard
			Murphy, Rose
			Murphy, Susan
			Murphy, Thomas
			Murphy, William	
			Murray, Charles
			Murray, Rev. Isaac
			Murray, John
			Murray, Mary Ann
			Musick, Peter
			Musick, Richard Johnson
			Mutch, Mr.
			Mutlow, Richard
			Napier, Lord
			Nayer, Mary
			Nelson, Samuel
			Newberry, John
			Nicholas, Louis
			Nicholson, James
			Noonan, David
			Noonan, Michael
			Noonan, Thomas
			Norton, F.P.
			O'Brien, James
			O'Brien, Hon. Lawrence
			O'Brien, Martha
			O'Brien, Terance
			O'Connell, P.
			O'Connor, Ann
			O'Connor, John
			O'Donnell, Cornelius Francis
			O'Donnell, James
			O'Donnell, Johanna
			O'Donnell, John
			O'Donnell, Margaret
			O'Donnell, Thomas
			O'Halloran, Catherine
			O'Halloran, Martin	
			O'Hanley, Ellen
			O'Hara, Ellen
			O'Hara, M.
			O Henley, Flora
			O Henley, Malcolm
			O'Neill, Annie
			O'Neill, Elizabeth Gertrude
			O'Neill, George
			O'Neill, Mrs. (John)
			O'Neill, John
			O'Neill, John S.
			O'Reilly, James
			O'Rourk, James
			O'Rourk, Mary
			O'Seissen, Capt.
			Olson, Elizabeth
			Olson, Jas.
			Orman, John
			Orr, Martha Jane
			Orr, Robert Crawford
			Owen, Alfred David Kaye
			Owen, Annie Maud Margaret
			Owen, Charles
			Owen, Thomas
			Owen, William
			Palmer, Amelia Carey
			Palmer, Mrs. Charles
			Palmer, D.W.
			Palmer, Hon. E.
			Palmer, Henry
			Palmer, J.B.
			Palmer, Louisa
			Palmerston, Lord
			Parker, George
			Parnther, Rev. D.B.
			Parsons, Mary
			Partelow, Hon. John R.
			Passmore, Elizabeth
			Passmore, John Gilbert
			Passmore, Margaret Annie
			Passmore, Wm.
			Patrick, Thomas
			Patrick, William Thomas
			Patterson, Helen
			Patterson, Rev. Robert S.	
			Patterson, Walter
			Peake, Edith
			Peake, George
			Peake, James
			Peake, Ralph B.
			Pendergast, Catherine
			Pendergast, James
			Pennefather, General Sir John
			Perry, Rev. Mr.
			Peters, Justice
			Pethick, William
			Phee, James
			Phee, John
			Phee, Michael
			Phelan, Rev. Mr.
			Phelan, Alice
			Phelan, Bridget
			Phelan, Dennis
			Phelan, Rev. Jas.
			Phelan, Matthew
			Phelan, Thomas
			Phelan, Rev. Thomas
			Phelan, Rev. William
			Pickard, J. W.
			Pidgeon, James M.
			Pidgeon, Lettie
			Pitt, Simon
			Poirier, Scholastiwue
			Pollard, Joseph
			Pollard, Mary
			Poole, Frances
			Poole, James E.
			Poore, Annette Gibson
			Poore, Sir Edward
			Poore, Thomas
			Pope, Rev. H.
			Pope, Hon. J.C.
			Pope, Rev. W.H.
			Power, Catherine
			Power, Edward
			Power, Ellen
			Power, James
			Power, Johanna
			Power, Mary
			Power, Mary Ann
			Power, Michael
			Power, Mrs. Patrick
			Power, Patrick M.
			Power, Rachel Ann
			Power, Robert
			Power, Sarah
			Power, Thomas
			Pratt, Frederick
			Praught, Angus
			Praught, Mary
			Praught, Peter
			Preston, Elizabeth
			Preston, Ellen
			Preston, John
			Prestwood, Rev. P.
			Price, Margaret Louisa
			Price, Michael
			Prospere, Mary
			Purdie, James
			Quinn, Patrick
			Ramsay, Anna
			Ramsay, Archibald
			Ramsay, Barbara
			Ramsay, Edward
			Ramsay, Helen
			Ramsay, Jessie
			Ramsay, Michael
			Ramsay, Neil
			Randall, Charles D.
			Randall, Sarah
			Rankin, Geo.
			Rankin, Susan
			Rapson, [servant girl]
			Rayner, James
			Read, Archdeacon
			Ready, John
			Ready, Margaret
			Reddin, Mrs.
			Reddin, Ann
			Reddin, Dennis
			Reddin, James
			Reddin, Margaret Annie
			Reddin, Robert James
			Reddin, William
			Reid, James
			Reid, William
			Reilly, Annie
			Reilly, Charles
			Reilly, Flora Ann
			Reilly, Mary Ann
			Reilly, Mary Ethel
			Reilly, Patrick
			Reilly, Thomas
			Rendel, John
			Rendel, Mary Jane
			Renouff, John Winter
			Reynolds, Mr.
			Rice, Bridget
			Rice, J.J.
			Rice, Michael
			Richard, Auicet
			Richard, Emelia
			Richard, Hilary
			Richard, Joseph
			Richard, Judith
			Richard, Mary
			Richards, Catherine
			Richards, Charles
			Richey, Rev. Mathew, D.D.
			Rile, Charles
			Rile, Flora Ann
			Rix, Lydia
			Roach, Rev. R.T.
			Roan, Peter M.
			Roberts, D.J.
			Roberts, Elizabeth
			Robertson, Alex.
			Robertson, Alex. Falconer
			Robertson, Elouisa
			Robertson, Henry
			Robertson, James
			Robertson, James N.
			Robertson, John
			Robertson, Rachel
			Robertson, Thomas
			Robins, Mrs. (Francis Mayhew)
			Robins, Thomas
			Robinson, Mr.
			Robinson, David
			Roblee, Jane Panmer
			Roblee, Joseph
			Roche, Mr.
			Roche, Edward
			Roche, Margaret
			Rodd, Charles
			Rodd, Mary Ann Martha
			Rogers, Benjamin	
			Rogers, Mary L.
			Rogers, Sarah A.
			Romans, James
			Ross, Elizabeth
			Ross, Rev. James
			Ross, John
			Ross, John Morin
			Rowan, Rev. J.W.
			Rowan, John J.
			Rowan, Mary Amelia
			Rushton, John
			Rushton, William
			Russel, George
			Ruth, Mary E.
			Ryan, Bridget
			Ryan, Dennis
			Ryan, Edward
			Ryan, John
			Ryan, Mary
			Ryan, Richard
			Sanphy, John
			Sark, John
			Sark, Louis
			Satchwell, Bridget
			Satchwell, Thomas
			Saunders, Charles B.
			Saunders, Margaret
			Saville, Captain
			Saville, E.
			Schurman, B.
			Schurman, Peter
			Scott, George
			Scudder, Rev. Dr.
			Selliker, Emma M.
			Selliker, John
			Semple, Martha
			Semple, William
			Shaw, Dr.
			Shaw, Margaret
			Shaw, Seth D.
			Shephard, Elizabeth
			Shephard, William
			Sherry, Ann
			Sherry, Felix
			Sherry, James
			Shrider, Elias
			Sigsworth, Daniel
			Sigsworth, John
			Silliker, Eliza
			Silliker, Strang
			Simmonds, Geo.
			Simmonds, Harriet Amanda
			Simmonds, Sarah Jane
			Simms, Charlotte Alchorn
			Simms, Thomas
			Simpson, Junius
			Simpson, Lousia J.
			Simpson, Sophia A.
			Simpson, William McNeill
			Sinclair, George
			Sinclair, James
			Skinner, M. W.
			Slate, Sergeant Charles
			Slate, Fanny
			Small, Frances
			Small, John
			Smith, "Aberdeen"
			Smith, Alex.
			Smith, Ann
			Smith, Charles Douglass
			Smith, Christopher
			Smith, Duncan
			Smith, Henry Bowzer
			Smith, Isaac
			Smith, Hon. J. Spencer
			Smith, John, jr.
			Smith, John S.
			Smith, Joseph
			Smith, Margaret
			Smith, Mary E.
			Smith, Mary Paulina
			Smith, Sarah Ann
			Smith, Susan
			Smith, Thomas L.
			Smith, William Sydney
			Smythe, A.W.
			Sneeston, Wm.
			Souttar, Joanna Wynne
			Souttar, John
			Sprague, Richard W.
			Sprague, Sarah A.
			Stair, E.D.
			Stair, Harriet Amanda
			Stearns, Rev. Henry
			Steele, Angus
			Steele, Elizabeth
			Steele, John
			Steele, Mary
			Stevenson. Elizabeth R.
			Stevenson, James
			Stevenson, Julia Ann
			Stevenson, Margaret Jane
			Stevenson, Mathew
			Stevenson, Matthew
			Stewart, Chief Justice
			Stewart, Dr.
			Stewart, Ada P.
			Stewart, Annie Eliza
			Stewart, Charles
			Stewart, Daniel
			Stewart, David
			Stewart, Donald, senr.
			Stewart, Dugald
			Stewart, Elizabeth
			Stewart, Ellen
			Stewart, Flora McDonald
			Stewart, Rev. Geo. W.
			Stewart, Helen
			Stewart, Sir John
			Stewart, Margaret
			Stewart, Peter
			Stewart, Lieut. Col. Peter Desbrisay	
			Stewart, Robert Bruce
			Stewart, Sarah Jane
			Stewart, Rev. William	
			Stewart, William
			Strickland, Charles Lee
			Strickland, Jessie Russell
			Sullivan, Captain Andrew
			Sullivan, Catherine
			Sullivan, Right Honorable Laurence
			Sullivan, Mary
			Sullivan, Owen
			Sutherland, Annie Elizabeth
			Sutherland, Barbara
			Sutherland, Daniel W.
			Sutherland, Donald
			Sutherland, G.W.
			Sutherland, Rev. Geo.
			Sutherland, John
			Sutherland, Margaret
			Sutherland, Captain William
			Sutton, Barbara
			Sutton, James
			Swabey, Capt.
			Swabey, Arthur
			Swabey, Caroline
			Swabey, Eliza Annie
			Swabey, Thomas
			Swabey, Hon. W.
			Sword, William
			Symons, Robert
			Tait, Jane
			Thomas, John T.
			Thomas, Samuel
			Thomas, Sarah Ann
			Thornton, Hon. Edward
			Thresher, Elizabeth
			Thresher, George Godsel
			Toole, Bernard
			Toole, Mrs. M.
			Tounley, Rev. H.C.
			Townsend, James
			Townshend, Cecil Wray
			Trainor, James
			Trainor, Michael
			Trainor, Peter
			Treanor, Elizabeth
			Treanor, John
			Treanor, Owen
			Treanor, Patrick
			Treanor, Sarah
			Tremain, Edward
			Trenaman, Mary L.
			Turton, Caroline Louisa
			Turton, Rev. Henry
			Turton, Henry Hobhouse
			Tweedy, John
			Tweedy, Joseph
			Tyrell, John
			Tyrrell, Mary
			Valentine, Mr.
			Vanbuskirk, James A.
			Vaughan, Edwin
			Vaughan, Harry Broadhurst
			Vincent, Joseph
			Vincent, Mary
			Walker, Mrs. David
			Walker, Donald
			Walker, Elizabeth
			Walker, James
			Walker, Robert
			Walker, Theresa
			Wallace, Eunice F.
			Wallace, George
			Wallace, William	
			Walsh, James
			Walsh, Captain M.
			Walsh, Mary
			Walsh, Michael
			Walsh, Patrick
			Walsh, Capt. Robert
			Walsh, Wm.
			Warburton, Hon. James
			Watson, Jessie Russell
			Watson, W.R.
			Watts, James A.
			Watts, Robert
			Waugh, Eliza
			Waugh, Mrs. Samuel
			Webber, Carrie Lousia
			Webber, James F.
			Webster, -------
			Webster, Arthur Hamilton
			Webster, George
			Webster, John
			Webster, John Jardine
			Webster, Joseph H.
			Webster, Mary
			Webster, Mary L.
			Webster, Melinda
			Webster, Theophilus
			Webster, Thomas
			Wedall, Rev. R.
			Weir, Hon. B.
			Weir, Edward
			Weir, Maria Louisia
			Welsh, H.P.
			Welsh, Jane Haine
			Westaway, Captain Frank
			Whelan, Hon. Edward
			Whelan, John
			White, Archibald
			White, M.A.P.
			Whitford, Annie L.C.
			Whitford, George
			Whyte, Bridget
			Whyte, James
			Whyte, James F.
			Widgery, Mary
			Widgery, Samuel
			Wiggington, Jesse Hoyt Canfield
			Wiggington, Thomas
			Wigginton, Elizabeth
			Wigginton, George
			Williams, Harriet Grace
			Williams, Thomas
			Wilson, David
			Wilson, Emmanuel
			Wilson, James Simpson
			Wilson, John
			Wilson, Sarah M.
			Wilson, William
			Wilt, William	
			Winsloe, Ann
			Winsloe, John Hodges
			Winterbotham, Rev. J.
			Wisener, George L.
			Wisener, Robert C.
			Worrell, Mr.
			Wright, Captain
			Wright, Eliza
			Wright, George
			Wright, John
			Wright, Mary Amelia
			Wriston, Nicholas	
			Wood, Margaret Jane
			Wood, Wm.
			Yates, A.H.
			Yates, Margaret Emma
			Yates, Penelope Sarah
			Yates, Richard
			Yeo, Ann
			Yeo, Henrietta
			Yeo, Hon. James
			Yeo, John
			Young, Margaret Louisa
			Young, Wm.
			Younghusband, Edwin
			Younghusband, Louisa
			Younghusband, Hon. William