Greenwood Cemetery
Shediac, New Brunswick

This is a partial transcript of the headstones at Greenwood Cemetery that I did, I believe, in either 1998 or 1999. This cemetery is located on Greenwood Drive in the Shediac - Point-du-Chêne area. In my search for information on the family of Henry and Phoebe (Bernard) Wallace, I transcribed all of the headstones I could find that mentioned the surname WALLACE. Not all of the people listed are necessarily connected to Henry Wallace and his family: there were other families of that surname in the Shediac area.

Henry Wallace was the son of George Gued Wallace and Euphemia "Effy" MacLellan of Prince Edward Island. He moved from PEI to Shediac, New Brunswick, where he raised his family. At the present time, I have not researched Henry's family in any greater detail than what is presented here. My interest in this family is due to the PEI MacLellan connection - I have been passively collecting data on the MacLellans for some time, although I have never compiled the information into any organized format.

Those with an interest in the Wallace side will note that this family can be found on page 164 of "Preserving the Wallace Family", published c. 1988 by Roy Ashley Wallace. The section on Henry's father, George Gued Wallace, begins on page 158 of that same book.

Although the basic information (names and dates) is the same as written on the headstones, the format has been changed.

I have made every attempt to ensure the accuracy of this data. However, errors are possible, and any errors are mine. I will gladly accept any corrections to this information.

1854 Henry Wallace 1944
His Wife
1846 Phoebe 1942
1886 Loretta & Baby 1919
1879 John 1940
1878 Percy 1912

1894 - 1946
1886 - 1969
Rest In Peace

1928 Ivan E. 1986
1923 Doris

Percy George Wallace
1902 - 1977
his Wife
Mary Ida LeBlanc
1905 - 1978

Patrick J.
1927 - 1979
His Wife
Muriel M.
1934 -

Guy Wallace
1904 - 1974
His Wife
Mary Arsenault
1906 - 1987

Bonnie M. Jessome
November 26, 1953
April 20, 1994
David S. Wallace
January 23, 1950

Edward Wallace 1889 - 1972
His Wife Susanne Barrett 1891 - 1971
Ronald 1927 -

A partial extract from the 1881 Prince Edward Island Census, Queen's County, Lot 23:
BurnetMaryF69Widowborn England
WallaceHenryM27Marriedborn PEI
WallacePhoebeF29Marriedborn PEI
WallaceWilliamM6 born PEI
WallaceMary J.F4 born PEI
WallaceJohn H.M1 born PEI
A partial extract from the 1891 New Brunswick Census, Westmorland County, Shediac Parish:
WallaceHenryM38Headborn PEI
WallacePhoebeF39Wifeborn PEI
WallaceWilliamM16Sonborn PEI
WallaceMary J.F14Dau.born PEI
WallaceJohn H.M12Sonborn PEI
WallaceDinaF10Dau.born PEI
WallaceAngalinaM7Dau.born PEI
WallaceLaura E.F5Dau.born PEI
WallaceGeorge E.M2Sonborn PEI
A partial extract from the 1901 New Brunswick Census, Westmorland County, Shediac Parish:
WallaceHenryMOct 185644Headborn PEI
WallaceFeby C.FDec 184852Wifeborn PEI
WallaceMary JaneF28 July 187525Dau.born PEI
WallaceLaurettaF15 May 188515Dau.born PEI
WallaceGeorgeM18 April 188713Sonborn PEI
WallaceBessyM1 Aug 189010Sonborn NB
WallaceHarryM13 April 18937Sonborn NB
WallaceCathelingF8 Dec 18955Dau.born NB
WallacePursiM10 March 188020Adopted Sonborn PEI