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The families listed below are not my main research interests and I am not actively researching them. Some are affiliated groups that I encountered along the way. Others are unrelated. Regardless, I gathered sufficient information on them to put together brief descendants reports. I am posting them here in hopes they might be of interest to other genealogists.

Smith / Hickey

James Smith and Catherine Hickey of PEI: I was first informed about this family by another researcher who hoped I had some information on them. At the time I didn't, but I did a little digging on her behalf. As I picked up information for her files I also discovered that one of their descendants had married into my own Hickey family. Further, that later marriage indicated a relationship between the two families (which I have not yet fleshed out). So, although the bulk of this family is outside of my own research interests, it is closely affiliated to it.

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Daniel Rogers and Olivia Chappell of NS, PEI & NB: Daniel and Olivia were originally from Kings County, NS. They settled in PEI in the early 19th century, and several of their children were baptised at Miscouche. Although unrelated to my own Rogers family, I've compiled some information on one of their sons, whose descendants lived in Rustico and Hope River, PEI, and Rogersville, NB. He and his children married into the Acadian families of the area which, in a roundabout way, makes them an affiliated group to my own Acadian research.

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Chrysostom McLellan and Annie Mahan of PEI & NB: I researched this family on behalf of another genealogist. It is an affiliated family, as my Hickeys have quite a few interconnections with the MacLellans. Chrysostom (who spelled his surname McLellan) was born in PEI, worked for a while in Amherst, Nova Scotia, before settling in Southeastern New Brunswick.

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Gabriel Gallant and Mildred Arsenault of PEI: The ancestors of Gabriel "Gabien" Gallant of Mont-Carmel and Summerside, Prince Edward Island. He and his wife, Marie Melanie "Mildred" Arsenault, are my nieces great-great-grandparents, and I conducted this research in hopes that it might one day be of interest to them. This is an affiliated family, not just by marriage but by right of my own connection to the Gallant family and its progenitor, Michel Haché dit Gallant.

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