Bishop Aeneas MacEachern

1828 Letter
Letter from Bishop MacEachern, 19 March 1828

I thought the following letter may be of interest to some researchers as it mentions a few early Island residents by name. Please note that I have not researched these individuals myself, nor can I offer any further information on them.

I apologize for the quality of the Gaelic text in the second paragraph - being unfamiliar with the language, I have had to make my best guess at deciphering the words and spelling from the original handwritten text. It is, of course, quite subject to error!

St. Columba, March 19th, 1828

My Dear Sir,

I came up this way yesterday from Charlottetown by St. Andrews, Fortune Bay, Rollo B. and St. Margaret. Poor Mr. D. MacKenzie who was in keeping with O'Donnel died before I got up. Archibald McPhee of Bear River was buried last Sunday. The rest of the people this way are well.

I do not think that I can get home till some time after Easter. I wish to know from you, how soon you expect to be up to St. Andrews. I do not hear of any news, except what is coined with in the different missions. A cha anhor as frach earains dhies sirr. Mhuan trodanach, bordaich mhis geach, gilean sabaideach agus gruagiruagh sean a bris eadh gheallanas posaid.

Please to tell Mrs. John Gillis, Grand River, that I have got the intentions seeing for her late. I wrote this with candle light for the day is too short for our other occupations.

With best respects to all my people, I am most respectfully, my dear Sir,

Your obdt humble servant,

+ Aeneas B. Mac Eachern

Bp of Rosen

to Rev. D. MacDonald


Centre d'études acadiennes Anselme-Chiasson, Université de Moncton. Microfilm F-1045: Letters from PEI priests and missionaries to the Bishop of Québec.

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