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Sacred Heart

Alberton, PEI
Sacred Heart RC, Alberton, PEI, Marriage Index, 1900

The format in which this information is presented differs from that of the original, although the content is the same. It is listed here in the following order:

Groom (parents) married Bride (parents) on Date. Sponsors: Name(s).

The officiating priest on all occasions was Father Alfred E. Burke, except for marriages #6 and #7, at which Father J.T. Murphy presided.

Michael Murphy (John Murphy) married Leonora Gaudet (Sylvain Gaudet & Marie Dugais) on 9 January 1900. Sponsors: Caspar Richard & Susan Gallant.

Joseph Gallant (Fabian Gallant & Phoebe Gallant) married Ellen Albert (Peter Albert & Mary Jones) on 16 January 1900. Sponsors: Fabian Arsenault & Margaret Albert.

Albert J. Barry (Francis Barry & Catherine Lake) married Eleena O'Connor (Maurice O'Connor & Ann Cahill) on 20 February 1900. Sponsors: Peter John O'Connor & Laura Whelan.

Thomas Keeffe (James Keeffe) married Pansy Clark (William Clark) on 27 February 1900. Sponsors: James H. Gavin & Lucy Reid.

Andrew Graves (Thomas Graves & Ellen Coughlin) married Mary Cahill (Walter Cahill & Margaret Mackay) on 9 May 1900. Sponsors: George Graves & Adeline Cahill.

Felix Perry (Avis Perry) married Gertrude Whelan (William Whelan) on 28 August 1900. [Note: No sponsors were listed in the index. - DLM]

Abram Peters married Rose Peters on 28 August 1900. [Note: In the column where the parents names should appear, Father Burke made the notation "St. Anthony's Parish, Bloomfield". From the index alone, I can't determine if this refers to their place of residence or the place where the marriage occurred/was recorded. - DLM]

Lawrence Petitpas (Peter Petitpas & Elizabeth Gallant) married Mary A. Clements (Levi [?] Clements & Veronique Arsenault) on 25 November 1900. Sponsors: Joseph Clements & Marie Perry (Agnew).

Ambrose Corcoran (James Corcoran & Margaret Ann Sheehan) married Mary Ann Kinch (John Kinch & Elizabeth O'Brien) on 27 November 1900. Sponsors: Brenton O'Connor & Ursula Corcoran.

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