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Sacred Heart

Alberton, PEI
Sacred Heart RC, Alberton, PEI, Baptism Index, 1900

The format in which this information is presented differs slightly from the original in that I have left out the name of the officiating priest from each entry. The data is presented in the following order:

Child, Date of Birth, Parents, Date of Baptism, Sponsors.

The officiating priest on all occasions was Father Alfred E. Burke.

Additional Notes:

  1. A note added between the entries for Marie Eva Poirier and Mary Ann Gallant states: "m. 8-31-20, St. Ann's Church, Lawrence, Mass". It is not known which of the two entries this refers to.
  2. The surname "O'Malley" for the child and "Malley" for the father, in the entry for Laura Mary O'Malley, is as written in the original index.
  3. A note added between the entries for Timothy Michael Gregory Conway and Pius Russell O'Rourke states: "m. 5-27-29, St. Boniface's Church, Moncton, NB". This refers to Timothy Michael Gregory Conway, who married Pauline Kennedy, the daughter of Thomas Kennedy and Martha McGuiggan. He is named Thomas Gregory, and signs his name that way, in the marriage record.

Mabel Inman, Dec 7/99, John Inman & Louisa Kinch, Jan 7/00, Frederick White & Laura McAlduff.

Helena Clara Cahill, Jan 5/00, Walter M. Cahill & Mary McAlduff, Jan 14/00, William Whelan & Mrs. Wm. Kinch.

Ann Aletha Ahern, Mar 19/00, Peter Ahern & Mary Ann McDougall, Apr 2/00. John McAlduff & Mrs. Wm. McAlduff.

Clara Ellen Gillis, Apr 10/00, James Gillis & Catherine McMillan, Apr 15/00, John Fitxgerald & Mrs. John Walsh.

Felicia Adeline Fitzgerald, Apr 13/00, John Fitzgerald & Sarah Ann Gillis, Apr 15/00, James J. Gillis & Mrs. Alex Gillis.

May Gertrude O'Brien, Apr 28/00, Patrick O'Brien & Johanna Nelligan, May 1/00, Albert O'Connor & Laura Whelan.

Mary Catherine Gallant, Apr 28/00, Peter Gallant & Marie Arsenault, May 13/00, William Whelan, Jr, & Maud Whelan.

George Gallant, Dec [?]/98, Samuel Gallant & Mary Ann Foy, May 20/00, Thomas Keeffe & Frances Foy.

Marie Eva Poirier, May 13/00, Joseph Poirier & Rosella Gaudet, May 21/00, Fidele Poirier & Mrs. Joseph Richard.

Mary Ann Gallant, May 17/00, Samuel Gallant & Mary Ann Foy, May 23/00, Mr. & Mrs. Albert Kinch.

Bernard Edward Whelan, May [?]/00, James Whelan & Margaret Murphy, May 27/00, Bernard Murphy & Margaret Whelan.

Charles Bernard McKenna, May 12/00, John McKenna & Mary A. MacDonald, May 27/00, Pius McKenna & Mrs. Joseph Aylward.

Albert Daniel Gavin, May 24/00, Daniel Gavin & Sarah J. Ahern, June 3/00, Michael White & Sarah Gavin.

Mary Florence Gavin, May 24/00, Daniel Gavin & Sarah J. Ahern, June 3/00, James Power & Mrs. Ann MacDougall.

Peter Cornell Mackey, July 9/00, John Mackey & Madeline Perry, July 15/00, Mr. & Mrs. Peter F. Richard.

Laura Mary O'Malley, Aug 3/00, Charles Malley & Fanny Richard, Aug 5/00, John A. McIntyre & Jane Richard.

Mary Ellen Mackey, July 30/00, Martin Mackey & Regina Gaudet, Aug 11/00, Mr. & Mrs. Peter Cahill.

Alfred Tennyson Murphy, Sept 4/00, John Murphy & Mary Arsenault, Sept 16/00, Edward Perry & Susan Stapleton.

Marie Florence Genest [?], Sept 20/00, Alfred Genest & Minnie Avery, Sept 30/00, Simon Avery & Mrs.....Avery.

Stephen Neville McAlduff, Sept 20/00, Daniel McAlduff & Catherine Reid, Sept 30/00, Mr. & Mrs. Wm. D. White.

William Everett Gillis, Sept 26/00, Herman Gillis & Melinda Harper, Sept 30/00, Mr. & Mrs. Edward Harper.

Richard Francis Keeffe, Oct 3/00, John Keeffe & Clara Keeffe, Oct 7/00, Mr. & Mrs. James Cunningham.

Mary Caroline Kinch, Oct 3/00, William Kinch & Margaret Handrahan, Oct 14/00, Mr. & Mrs. Patrick O'Brien.

Thomas Michael Gregory Conway, Oct 24/00, Timothy Conway & Emily McDonald, Oct 28/00, Mr. & Mrs. Timothy Gavin.

Pius Russell O'Rourke, Oct 23/00, Michael O'Rourke & Margaret McMillan, Oct 28/00, Mr. & Mrs. Peter J. Cahill.

Alfred Edward McGrath, Oct 31/00, Patrick McGrath & Adelina Champion, Nov 11/00, Mr. & Mrs. James McGrath.

Edna Keeffe, Dec 7/00, Thos. Keefe & Pansy Clark, Dec 30/00, J.H. Gavin & Lucy Reid.

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