1881 Nova Scotia Census, Halifax County
Salmon River Polling District

Below are partial extracts of the 1881 Nova Scotia Census, Salmon River Polling District. The families listed either carry the surname MacDonald, or have connections to MacDonald through marriage. I believe that most, if not all, are directly related to my own MacDonald ancestors.

Information is shown in the format: Surname, Given Names, Sex, Age, Place of Birth, Nationality, and Married/Widowed.

Children who have not yet reached the age of 1 have their age shown as a fraction of 12, followed by the month of their birth [ie: "3/12, Jany." signifies a child aged 3 months old, born in January].

Notes following each household identify the religious denomination(s) of the members, as well as any listed occupations. The 1881 census made no special notation for single people, so the lack of a "Married" or "Widowed" comment forces one to assume that the individual in question was either single or, possibly, divorced.

Most importantly, the 1881 census did not identify the relationship between the Head of Household and the other members. Relationships, if any, amongst the members of any particular household should not be assumed on the basis of this information alone.

Please note that not all of the information available in the original census documents has been listed here. More data may be obtained by reviewing the originals. I have made all attempts to ensure the accuracy of my transcriptions but errors may still be possible. Please check the originals for confirmation.

Page 3, Dwelling 11, Family 12 (Lines 8-13):
McDonald, Daniel M Age 40 Born NS Scotch Married
McDonald, Eliza F Age 33 Born NS Scotch Married
McDonald, Sarah Isabelle F Age 8 Born NS Scotch  
McDonald, Ida May F Age 6 Born NS Scotch  
McDonald, Letishia F Age 4 Born NS Scotch  
McDonald, Daniel Parker M Age 2 Born NS Scotch  

NOTE: All members of this household were shown as "Church of England". Daniel's occupation was listed as "Trader".

Page 4, Dwelling 14, Family 15 (Lines 7-10):
McDonald, James M Age 34 Born NS Scotch Married
McDonald, Louisa F Age 35 Born NS German Married
Wallace, Eliza I. F Age 18 Born NS English  
McDonald, Forrest M Age 9/12 (Aug) Born NS Scotch  

NOTE: All members of this household were shown as "Church of England". James's occupation was listed as "Seaman".


1881 Halifax County, Nova Scotia, Census. Microfilm of the original documents available at the Centre d'études acadiennes, Université de Moncton [Microfilm F-1986]