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Princetown Petition

1791 Petition to Lt. Gov. Fanning from the residents of Prince Town

The following petition was published in the 10 March 1792 issue of the Royal Gazette, and Miscellany of the Island of Saint John. Although historically important, it is not the circumstances surrounding the petition that is of interest to genealogists but the list of names of the residents affixed to it.

A total of three petitions appeared in the Royal Gazette of that date, all of which have been reproduced on my website. Because of the similarity of both the petitions and the subsequent responses from Lieutenant Governor Fanning, I have elected NOT to reproduce all three of Lt. Gov. Fanning's responses. A copy of one of the responses (as well as the source reference for these petitions) can be found with the Cherry Valley-Vernon River petition.

The Petition:

To his Excellency Edmund Fanning, LL.D. Lieutenant Governor and Commander in Chief in and over his Majesty's Island of Saint John, and the Territories adjacent thereunto, in America, Chancellor of the same, &c. &c. &c.
May it please your Excellency,

We, his Majesty's dutiful and loyal Subjects, the Inhabitants of Prince Town and County, having been informed that certain Charges, of a criminal Import, have been exhibited by Mr. John Hill and Mess. Cambridge and Bowley, Merchants of this Island, against your Excellency, and others his Majesty's Officers of this Government, and particularly setting forth, that the Administration of Justice, since the Restoration of the Chief Justice, has been partial and violent, by Means of which the Prosperity and Settlement of the Island have been greatly retarded, and his Majesty's Government sunk into popular Contempt.

On receiving this Information, we think it our Duty and a Piece of Justice we owe your Excellency to embrace this Opportunity of assuring you, in this public Manner, of our hearty and sincere Approbation of your Excellency's Administration, the Administration of Justice, and the general Tenour of the Conduct of the Officers of this Government.

We desire Leave further to observe, that since your Excellency took upon you the Administration of this Government, we have experienced no Grievance but what has proceeded from the Failure of the Proprietors in Settling their Lands, by which Means the greatest Part of the Island is kept in a waste and unpeopled State. This is a Grievance severely felt , and, we hope, when the Affairs of the Island come under the Consideration of his Majesty's Ministers, they will apply some Remedy to so great an Evil.

We particularly desire to thank your Excellency for the Method, adopted since your Arrival here, of chusing our Representatives, whereby we have been relieved from the Necessity either of Travelling from our Homes to a great Distance at inclement Seasons, or be deprived of the Privilege of giving our Suffrages to those we would wish to represent us in General Assembly.

William HunterNathaniel Poulden
Neil RamsayGeorge Thompson
Andrew GrayDaniel McKenzie
John McLeodDonald Taylor
Arch. MathewsJames McNutt
Donald TaylorJohn Mathews
John McGuganMurdock Campbell
John McLeanCharles Stewart
John LawlerArch. Taylor
John SinclairPatrick Mulloy
John TaylorLaughl. McDonald
Joseph McLeanNiel McGugan
Angus McAulayDonald McKinnon
John ThompsonJames Adams
Duncan McDugaldJohn McGugan
John McDugaldJas. Woodside, jun.
Robert WoodsideJohn Cook
John McLellanAngus Cameron
Malcolm McNeilAlex. McLellan
Benj. Warren, sen.John Dowling
James Woodside, sen.Daniel Campbell
Arch. RamsayHugh Montgomery, jr.
Hugh Montgomery, s.Patrick Niel
Peter McDugaldMich. McIntosh
Hugh McEachranMalcolm Ramsay, jr.
George AtkinsonJohn Ramsay, jun.
Wm. Bearsto WarrenGeorge B. Warren
William BearstoJohn Power
Thomas FeltonDavid Griffin
Peter StavertTho. Coughlin, sen.
John CoughlinDaniel Wall
Tho. Coughlin, jun.John Henry
Dugald HenryJohn Power, Sen.
Malcolm McArthurMichael Waller
Edward RamsayHugh Carr
Donald CarrKenneth McKenzie
Donald McKenzieMalcolm McKinnon
Donald McDonaldDaniel Woods
John McMillanJohn Marchland
James BranderAlexander Brander
Thomas MartinCharles McNiel
John RamsayArchibald Ramsay
Archibald McKayAlexander McKay
Angus McLellanJohn McLellan
Dugald StewartArchibald Ramsay
Alex. McKay, jun.John Ramsay
Dugald StewartPatrick McGinnis
Morrice WelchAlexander Cameron

With many others that could not be conveniently inserted in this Sheet.


Centre d'études acadiennes Anselme-Chiasson, Université de Moncton: Microfilm F-1326.

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