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Hillsborough River Petition

1791 Petition to Lt. Gov. Fanning from the residents of Hillsborough River, Savage Harbour, etc

The following petition was published in the 10 March 1792 issue of the Royal Gazette, and Miscellany of the Island of Saint John. Although historically important, it is not the circumstances surrounding the petition that is of interest to genealogists but the list of names of the residents affixed to it.

A total of three petitions appeared in the Royal Gazette of that date, all of which have been reproduced on my website. Because of the similarity of both the petitions and the subsequent responses from Lieutenant Governor Fanning, I have elected NOT to reproduce all three of Lt. Gov. Fanning's responses. A copy of one of the responses (as well as the source reference for these petitions) can be found with the Cherry Valley-Vernon River petition.

The Petition:

To his Excellency Edmund Fanning, LL.D. Lieutenant Governor and Commander in Chief in and over his Majesty's Island of Saint John, and the Territories adjacent thereunto, in America, Chancellor of the same, &c. &c. &c.
May it please your Excellency,

We, the Inhabitants of the several Settlements of Hillsborough River, Bedford Bay, Savage Harbour, and Saint Peters, beg Leave to express to your Excellency our extreme Regret at Hearing certain Complaints to have been exhibited against you, and three other Officers, to his Majesty's Most Honourable Privy Council, injuriously representing your Excellency's Administration to have been factious and arbitrary, and those other Gentlemen to have so grossly misbehaved in their respective Offices, as to bring his Majesty's Government in this Island into popular Hatred and Contempt, and particularly stating that the Administration of Justice, since the Restoration of the Chief Justice from his late Suspension, has been partial, and made subservient to the Views and Hopes of this pretended Faction of your Excellency; and that great Dissatisfaction prevails through the Island, from the arbitrary and oppressive Proceedings of the Officers of Government.

On being made acquainted with so unexpected an Occurrence, we should do much Injustice to our own Feelings, and withhold from your Excellency that Tribute of Gratitude we owe you, if we omitted the Opportunity we now have of contradicting those base and injurious Assertions, assuring your Excellency, that a general Satisfaction pervades the Island with your Ecellency's Administration, and entire Approbation of the Conduct of the other Gentlemen complained of. The fair and impartial Administration of the Law, since the Restoration of the Chief Justice, we particularly mark as a Circumstance highly flattering to our future Expectations.

John McDonaldAngus McDonald
Alan McDonaldAngus McDonald
Ronald McDonaldRoderick McKinnon
Alan McDonaldAlexander McDonald
Donald McDonaldAngus McDonald
Donald GrantAngus McKinnon
John McKinnonHugh Gillies
Peter GilliesMartin McGillivra
John McGillivraDonald Gillies
Donald GilliesWilliam Gillies
Duncan GilliesAlexander McDonald
Alexander McMillanDonald McMillan
John McMillanHugh Morrison
Murdoch McKayAlexander McDonald
Donald McCormackCharles McDonald
Angus McDonaldJohn McDonald
Neil McPheeJohn McPhee
Archibald McPheeDonald McPhee
Donald McDonaldDonald McGra
John FraserAlex. McEachran
Lawrence BarretWilliam Baker
William CampbellRonald McDonald
John McDonaldNeil McDonald
John McCaskelGallian McKinnis
John McKinnisAngus Campbell
Allen McDonaldMalcolm McKindrick
Hugh McEachranJohn McEachran
John McEachranAllan McDugald
Robert McKinnisAngus McDonald
Archibald McDonaldAngus McDonald
Donald McDonaldAngus McPhee
Edward WillareLauchlin McDugald
Duncan McDugaldHugh McDugald
Angus McKinnisAllen McKinnon
Alexander McKinnonJohn McKinnon
Neil McKinnonAlexander Curry
Duncan CurryAllan McDonald
John McDonaldAlexander McDonald
Angus McDonaldAlexander McDonald
Donald McVarishAlexander McDonald
John McMillanJohn McPherson
John McIntireJohn Cumming
Angus McCormickCharles McKinnon
Angus McDonaldRoderick McIntosh
Hugh McNabJohn Cameron
Angus McDonaldJohn McDonald
Donald McDonaldHugh McGillivray
Angus McGillivrayDonald McEachran
John McGillivrayJohn McIntosh
Donald McIntoshJohn McDonald
Lauchlin McDonaldDonald McGillivray
John McDonaldAlexander McDonald
Allan McDonaldJohn McDonald
Donald McDonaldRonald McDonald
James McDonaldRonald McDonald
Barny McCrossenJohn McAdam
Adam McAdamDonald McAdam
Alexander McAdamJohn McGillivray
Donald McGillivrayJohn McGillivray
Angus McDonaldJohn McEachran
Lodovick McDonaldHugh McDonald
Angus McEachranDonald McEachran
Allan McDonaldAlexander McDonald
Allan McDonaldAngus McDonald
Roderick McDonaldDonald McDonald
Lauchlin McDonaldHugh McDonald
John McLellanJames McIntire
Donald McIntireDonald McLellan

With one Hundred and Thirty others that could not be inserted in this Page.


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