An exterior view of the Roman Catholic church of St. Mary's, Indian River, Prince Edward Island

Prince Edward Island

Hickey, Rogers, Gourlie & Gaudet

A lobster boat in the fog, tied up at a wharf with lobster traps piled alongside

Nova Scotia

MacDonald, Whitewood, Jack & Bonnell

The statue of Evangeline and the church at Grand Pré National Historic Site, near Wolfville, Nova Scotia


Gaudet - Prince Edward Island

Meandering Through Past & Present

The Brick Walls

Welcome to my personal genealogy website, dedicated to my research into my Prince Edward Island, Nova Scotia, and Acadian roots. I hope you will enjoy browsing through the site. I also hope you will find some of the information it contains to be of interest and, perhaps, of use in your own genealogical research.

My Families


Primary Research Interests

A collage of three old photographs showing an elderly woman, a young child in a dress, and an adult man in a suit and top hat

Although my family tree contains many more surnames from the Maritime Provinces, I only am actively researching the following families:

Prince Edward Island - Hickey, Gaudet, Rogers, Gourlie

Nova Scotia - MacDonald, Whitewood, Jack, Bonnell

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Resources and research material that may be of interest to others

A photograph showing part of an entry from a Roman Catholc parish register

Church Records

Extracts, mostly Catholic, relating to my own research.

A photo of the rear of a small white church surrounded on two sides by headstones

Cemetery Transcripts

A handful of mostly incomplete transcripts from the Maritimes.

Part of a page from a census enumeration

Census Records

The odd transcripts and a few collections from NS and PEI.

Part of the front page of a 1942 copy of the Island Farmer newspaper from Prince Edward Island

Newspaper Extracts

Random items from various sources either researched or within my own collection.

An old hay barn with a page wire fence in the foreground

Local Histories

Random items from various sources either researched or within my own collection.

A photo of various military artifacts from a member of the Canadian Armed Forces during World War Two


School, military, and other items of interest.

About me

I have had an interest in genealogy since the ripe old age of 10, when my parents received a copy of "Emigrant from the Highlands" by J. Clinton Morrison, Jr. I was intrigued with the sheer number of people who, somehow, were all related to me. It didn't matter if they were noteworthy or not - simply the fact that something about them had been researched, recorded, and preserved for posterity was enough to pique my curiosity and set me on the path to conducting my own research.

Gradually, I began to dig into other branches of my family tree. I don't work on them all but, instead, have highlighted a few that are of particular interest to me. These encompass a handful of families in Prince Edward Island and Nova Scotia, as well as one of my Acadian lines.

I've also tried to compile genealogical or historical information that may be of interest to others. One such project garnered a Heritage Award from the Prince Edward Island Museum and Heritage Foundation.

I live in Moncton, NB, Canada, where I work as a professional photographer and photography instructor.

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